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March Already?

I have a month left to school and yet the calendar is still so packed with things to do. I don't know how I'm going to cram all the work into 31 days. All of my subjects have something going on and I'm literally just living it out a day at a time.
Tools of Torture
BC 111: Podcast, Documentation, Launch
BC 124: Drama, Variety Show Finals
BC 122: AVP (interview, encoding, editing), Power Point, Live Coverage
BC 123: Documentary (Production, Script), Drama Finals (Outline, Script)
BC 185: Concept Paper Finals
Comm Res 125: Power Point Ad, Photoshop Tutorial, Integration Finals
Comm 141: Scientific Paper Poster, Communication Materials
not happyThen there's that Seniors Talk at Poveda, where I'm supposed to "share with them significant experiences that you know would help in college adjustment." I'm barely adjusted as it is. I'm usually terrified of public speaking, but I'm sort of looking forward to this.

That's me looking harassed/haggard/horrible. I wish I were at a Boy cafe in Tokyo, writing fake memoirs like everyone else, or recording songs with Britney a la Heidi Montag or not. Seriously. Right now, I just want to sleep and wake up on April Fools Day. Tired. I'm very very very tired.
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