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Girl Crush: Miley Cyrus

I have a thing for pre-teen queens. I just want to be them. There was that Britney phase, then I fell in love with Hilary Duff (until she lost all that weight) and now I just want to be Miley Cyrus. Yes, I used to laugh at my little sister for receiving a "Hannah Montana" CD for Christmas, but I realized I'm the one listening to it now. After all, she's got the best of both worlds. I so wannabe Miley Cyrus

5. she is the new Britney (pre-trainwreck of course)
Remember when Britney was squeaky clean? Well that's what Miley is. At 15, this girl can replace Mr. Clean. Sure, she does the usual vow to chastity, but don't they all? Right now, I'm loving the "role model" vibe she's giving. Because really those kids need it. Jamie Lynn's knocked up. Lindsay was never a role model, so why not fill that gap.

4. she has adoring fans
And I'm not just talking about all those teeners who lined up to buy tickets to her sold out concert. I'm talking about Oprah and John Mayer and even Kobe Bryant, Ellen. Hello! If I can only get that close to John Mayer, I'd die! He went to her concert! Is that sweet or what? Then of course, there's Oprah. Do I need to say more?

3. she loves her dad
I know this is probably just a phase, but I have high hopes for this girl. They're not just father-daughter in real life, they play daddy and kid on her hit tv show too! She still lives with her parents (heller, 15 remember?) and her mom is her manager (I hope she's no Dina Lohan). I really do hope she sticks to her family and keeps her feet on the ground, because if she keeps this way, she's got a steady career ahead of her.

2. she gets to go to the Oscars
This alone makes me jealous. I loved her Valentino gown. It's so age appropriate and it was just stunning. So I didn't love her pouting, but the gown and hair and accessories were just fabulous. And to be at the Oscars is just fabulous! This girl should play her cards well. On a side note, she presented and I love her voice, it's so raspy and low (like me).

1. she isn't perfect
So she's had her share of "controversy." There was the leaked pictures and the non-wearing of seatbelts and the supposed pregnancy. Call me jaded, but compared to her contemporaries, these are like nothing. And yet they make her more human and more likeable. I watched her on Barbara Walters and I just couldn't help but love her more. So if you see me watching Hannah Montana or singing along to "Nobody's Perfect," wonder no more. I really wannabe Miley.
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