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Consistency is key

Well, now that I've been rereading Harry Potter book 4 for the nth time ever, I decided to have a little fun. Who am I to object? Not exactly the best dude, but I could have done A LOT worse.

Your Harry Potter Wedding by shimmerbaby
Soon to be:Mrs Draco Malfoy
How he proposed:... It's an arranged marriage.
Maid of honour:Angelina
Objections:Voldermort tried to seduce you by running in stark naked.
The outcome:You were both killed by Voldemort, on your wedding night.
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

I thought that was enough, but apparently...

Who is YOUR Harry Potter Husband? by marfydancer
Where He Proposes:Outside of Class
Day He Proposes:November 9, 2005
How Much The Wedding Costs:$11,491
Where You Marry:Ministry of Magic
Number of Kids:4
Husband:Draco Malfoy
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

Marrying into the dark side. How can I not resist?
Tags: dreams and goals, fanfiction, meme
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