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Screw Who?

I don't know who to choose, but I'm jealous. Not only is Sarah Silverman fucking Matt Damon, but her boyfriend, Jimmy Kimmel is fucking Ben Affleck!
Jimmy Kimmel had a special Sunday night post-Oscar show and he finally debuted his much buzzed about song and video for "I'm Fucking Ben Affleck." Girlfriend Sarah Silverman showed her video "I'm Fucking Matt Damon" just over three weeks ago.

Kimmel topped Silverman with video appearances by Don Cheadle, Robin Williams, McLovin, Lance Bass, Good Charlotte, a scene-stealing Harrison Ford, Cameron Diaz and more in a "We are the World" type chorus, along with Brad Pitt as a Fed Ex man, Josh Groban on piano and then some. -- taken from The Huffington Post

I don't know how he got all those celebrities into one room, but this was a nice break from listening to "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" too too many times. In other news, I just finished editing my completely concept-less music video for BC 124 (performance class). I can't wait for Ma'am Malou to finish the song and ask me what the point was.

In Oscar news, I wish I were Penelope Cruz. But hey, I'd settle for Sarah Larson -- minus the cocktail waitress part.
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