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Prom Already?

I can't believe it's already been FOUR years since I went to the prom. The reason for reminscing is that my brother, veganpunk_ went to his prom this weekend. Yes, it's been FOUR not so long years since I got dolled up in my favorite yellow gown and extra high heels and went to the Manila Peninsula to "dance" the night away and have fun with friends.

In hindsight, I did have fun at prom. But now that I try to recall, I'm already forgetting bits and pieces of the night. I didn't even blog about it back then (maybe because I wasn't so active on LJ yet) and maybe because I didn't know exactly what to say.

First off, I was infatuated with my date. I didn't know exactly how I was going to blog about that night. I have to admit he was a pretty good date (with a fab car) and he was pretty good arm candy. He was really gracious to my parents and was really fun to be with. He took me to his brother's club afterwards and was generally fab!

But of course, because I was so infatuated, I was expecting so much more. I should have just enjoyed his company instead of hoping for something else. Sure he'd leave me parts of the night so he could say hi to his friends (who were also dates of other batchmates), but I guess I took this waaay too seriously. Then again I was a junior in high school so my mind was less mature, or so I'd like to think.

with the date

I don't know if I looked particularly thin in that gown, but I loved it nevertheless. It was in my favorite color (yellow) and though it wasn't how I wanted it to look in the beginning, when the designer drew it for me, I was sold. I loved the fuschia accent to it and the cloth falling over my shoulder. I loved my accessories and my shoes (though they were high to compensate for my shortness and my date's tall-ness). I loved my make up and hair care of my wonderful aunt who did it for me.

I thought my friend's looked pretty damn good too. We weren't exactly your typical headturners so we felt really good all dolled up and feeling like princesses on that night. I remember walking into Manila Peninsula and feeling so grown up.

all dolled up

But mostly, I remember how much fun I had camwhoring with friends. Now that I don't remember the ENTIRE thing, I can look back to my pictures and try to piece together the happiness I felt and maybe even the frisson from all the snapshots I took.


Pietro on the other hand, didn't take pictures. I do hope he had fun too. Prom may be cheesey at times and sometimes excruciating to remember, but it's still a nice right of passage that ought to be remembered. I'm glad my memories of it were generally on the happy side. Or maybe I've just repressed the bad ones.
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