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iLove Love ♥

Yes, it wouldn't hurt to have Prince Harry send me flowers on this oh so marketable day, but even without him, I survived the day and came out scar free. I didn't wear my TIIS badge today, but hey who says I'm making tiis anyway? I wasn't even wearing black (I was in RED). There's so much to love.
  • iLove Life
    Unlike 90 Day Jane (who just recently took down her blog -- thus not killing herself), iLove life too much to kill myself in 90 days. I don't even plan that far into the future and 90 Day Jane had it down -- well not really, as it turned out she didn't even last 10 days. Sure, days like Valentines can get "depressing" but I'm not going to kill myself! iLove myself too much.
  • iLove American Idol
    So the Top 24 has been announced and wow I don't know anyone (save for David Archuleta -- whom Pamy NEVER fails to mention) and well get ready for the onslaught of AI entries. I'm really excited, but also I'm daunted by it. I'm quite tired from academics that I don't know if I'll have enough time/energy to make detailed summaries, but hey iLove Idol, so I'll at least try.
  • iLove the end of the Writer's Strike
    It's official. After 3 months, the writers and networks strike a deal. So Chuck and Pushing Daisies are returning next fall, at least I know they're coming back. Gossip Girl on the other hand is coming back in April, that just means more fun for me and work for the writers! Everyone wins!!!
  • iLove Friends
    Seriously. Getting through long productions (some of which don't happen because professors come waaay too late), camwhoring in the lobby, applying make up on each other for no reason, and just plain being there for each other (no matter how hectic or busy you can get) really does make you feel loved.
  • iLove Pio
    Pio said he'd never use the LiveJournal I made for him dudemangiano but the fact that he gave in to my plea was enough for me. Pio is the wittiest, sharpest 15 year old I know. And despite us being Aquarians, he's not as pikon as I am. He's also growing up so fast and I feel like he's going to get some girlfriend soon. Nooooo! Obviously I'm the overprotective older sister. Nevertheless, iLove my little brother.
    happy birthday pio
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