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21 Things

So it was a good birthday. Not one for the books, but I definitely enjoyed. Considering I turned 21 (the legal age), it was a pretty innocent and tame day. I didn't have class so I was able to do as I pleased (for half the day at least) and I was able to cram as many activities as I could in the span of 24 hours. Not bad right? Here are 21 Random things about my day

  • Camera-Less Day
    I know I usually take lots of pictures on random days, but for some reason I didn't bring a camera on my birthday. And I don't regret it either. It was nice to just enjoy the day without having to keep breaking out my camera. Maybe next birthday I'll have paparazzi following me around then there'll be no problem documenting my day.

  • Siblings finally agreed to get LiveJournals
    So Pio said he'd NEVER use it and Mommy doesn't even really care, but knowing that they do have LJs is a big enough gift for me. Okay, so I had to make it for them too. But I am confident that one day they will use it and thank me for it.

  • Text Message Greetings start and end my day
    Waking up to greetings on my cellphone was great. I don't usually except anyone to text, so seeing my inbox brimming with messages from friends and family started my day right. Thank goodness for unlimitxt. I got messages well into the next day, but belated greetings are the best cause they make it seem like your birthday is longer.

  • Parental-Sponsored Everything
    I didn't have to drop a cent today! Mommy and Daddy were their generous selves today making sure I overate and got whatever I asked for. I love feeling like a spoiled only child. After all, my birthday only happens once a year.

  • New Hair Cut
    Yes! I got a "new" haircut. Well there's not much you can do to already short hair, so I guess I got it even shorter. I was looking at old pictures and considering growing out my hair. But then I realized what a lazy girl I am (read: I don't comb my hair) so things are much better this way.

  • New Hair Color
    The last time I colored my hair, it was over the sink in Michigan in 2005. We bought the Feria color kit from Target and just went crazy. Apparently, that was an amateur attempt as the color didn't show too well. This time around, I had it done at the salon and voila, though not obvious indoors, you can see my reddish hair in the sun.

  • Pink Pedicures
    I'm really conscious about my feet. My toes are just not good, so getting pedicures are bliss. Unfortunately I can't get them all the time (as I'm lazy and broke) so it was nice to have a parental-sponsored pedicure for my birthday.

  • Elizabeths with authority make me cry
    I remember crying on my birthday in Grade 6 because my teacher scolded me for not having ALL WHITE PE shoes. (Hello they were already tretorn and had one blue stripe). Well another Elizabeth made me cry and this time it was over affixing a signature in her presence. A little drama on your birthday never hurt anyone. Does this mean Queen Elizabeth will make me cry on my birthday one day too? Because I am unable to produce a male heir?

  • Too much lunch at Abe's
    I had never eaten there, but heard good reviews. Boy were they right! I love Filipino food, and these people do it fab. I got the lamb adobo and I was able to finish the entire serving (that was good for 2)! Looks like I'm gaining 21 pounds too.

  • Krispy Kreme Donuts in the dark
    No, I didn't eat a dozen. I just got two. I love eating in the cinemas so I had to get my donuts. One glazed and one New York Cheesecake. Aren't we glad that it's finally in Manila? I don't have to wait for relatives to come home from the US anymore.

  • 27 Dresses
    TOO Freaking cute for words. I'm no Izzie Stevens fan on Grey's Anatomy, but she really carried this part so well. I'm so in love. This is going to the top of my favorite movies list. And from what I learned in MP 179, it was a really well written script. Oh and it didn't hurt that my mom agreed that Ed Burns looks like my priest crush (oh yes he does).

  • Trinoma Brownouts for the first time
    It's funny cause RIGHT BEFORE the credits rolled, the movie just died. And it wasn't cause the reel wasn't being watched, but because there was a brownout. You think I'd be angry, but I was thoroughly amused. I've never seen brownouts in malls, but this was on and off for quite some time. At least we were able to finish the movie.

  • Banoffee Pie is my Birthday cake
    Of course I had to have some Banoffee. Mom bought me an entire banoffee. I have yet to blow my candles, but one thing's for sure, I'm going to eat that banoffee ASAP.

  • I got flowers from a girl!!!
    Ana dropped by my house (and I wasn't even home) to give me roses!!! Ana is the sweetest ever ever! I was so touched. I wanted to cry (but I didn't cause the tears quota had already been filled). The last time I received flowers was on my debut (from my barkada too) so this was so touching.

  • LiveJournal Greetings are LOVE
    Everyone who commented on my voice post and everyone who actually made entries for me made my day. Special shout out to derschatzi who even made me an Anne Hathaway graphic! You're way too sweet Patty (no not me, YOU Patty!)

  • Winning SunShots from the Gas Station!
    I never win anything at the gas station (they have those scratch games), but on my birthday, I did! I won a Sun Shots snack and it was so shocking because I just scratched a random box (though envisioning I would win a la The Secret) and I won!!! Yes it's not a car or a million pesos, but I won!

  • Ferris Wheel Fear
    I like roller coasters and scary rides, but for some reason the Ferris Wheel at the UP fair terrified me! Was it because there were no seatbelts? Or was it because the carriage kept shaking? I was just terrified. Pamy was laughing her ass off as she was enjoying it. Then again, all I had to do was close my eyes and I was fine.

  • Seeing Itchy Worms perform Love Team
    I saw them perform at last year's fair but wasn't so into them. This year I heard them play Love Team LIVE and they're just as great as the record. All I needed was a hug from Gerald Anderson and I would be fine. But the song was enough for me.

  • Victor Basa should just keep quiet
    So this guy is HOT in real life. But dude, keep your mouth shut. You look good, but don't sound good. Don't complain you already got the physique of a god. Bad segment host. Good to look at. There is fairness in the world after all.

  • Parokya ni Edgar is really entertaining
    I'm not even a FAN of the band, but when "The Yes Yes Show" started playing I couldn't help but sing along. I was off key for sure, but it was nice to be with the crowd and everyone was singing along and I mean EVERYONE. Vinci is still cute (though dirty looking).

  • Power Steering
    The car is finally fixed and I can steer properly. It was weird because I got so used to having a hard time turning the wheel that when it got repaired, I felt like it was too easy to drive. Now I feel like I'm playing when I'm driving.

Thanks to EVERYONE who made my day. I would name all of you, but that's another entire entry (not to brag or anything). Birthdays make you realize just how loved you are and that's the best gift anyone could ever receive. Although I wouldn't mind winning the lottery, the love I felt was more than enough (bring on the cheese)> My birthday is definitely still my favorite day of the year.
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