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Random Non-School Update

  • Gian Magdangal's gonna be a DADDY?!?
    Remember when I said that I wanted Gian's babies before? Looks like Sheree's going to get it instead of me. Apparently, Sheree is already 5 months pregnant. So this was the only news online that I could find. But my yaya woke me up one morning with this news and Sophie and an anonymous texter both told me the same thing. It's not like I can just text him to ask if he did get her pregnant (although I could). It makes me sad of course, but I guess as long as they're happy, I should be too. He did say he wanted to be a "family man" (like his dad) in an interview, so looks like he's getting his wish too.

  • Is the Writer's Strike is OVER or NOT OVER?
    I just read that this was over, but the Writers have yet to agree. I'm just excited at this prospect, because apparently, Gossip Girl will supposedly be shooting 9 new episodes in April. But then I read that the strike isn't over yet. So really I'm quite confused. I just want my shows baaaaack!!!

  • Brad Renfro and Heath Ledger both died ACCIDENTALLY?
    It's good to know that they didn't intentionally kill themselves. I'm still feeling low about Heath's death. I was looking at pictures from his memorial in Australia and it was just so sad. His families statement also made me tear up. I have yet to watch Casanova or Lords of Dogtown, but in time I think I will.

  • Sawyer can call me SUGARPOP any time he wants
    ATTN: 24fps!!! I'm not a LOST fan, but this meme made me laugh so hard. I have to admit, Sawyer is one hot dude, so hearing Sugarpop come out of his lips and directed at me is fabulous. Downside though, everytime you take the test, even if you type the same stuff in, it gets a different result. Luckily I screencapped my first result.

  • I wanna fuck Matt Damon too!!!
    I saw this last week but never got to write about it. I'm no Sarah Silverman fan, but I thought it was cute of Matt Damon to ride along on this one. For Jimmy Kimmel's anniversary show, Matt (whom Jimmy always jokes about at the end of his show) and Sarah (Jimmy's girlfriend) team up for a hilarious music video, which is already inspiring me for my music video that I have to do for 124. I love the ghetto rap break.

  • Tyra and her audience STRIP for some weird reason
    Sometimes Tyra's show gets very very weird. I appreciate her trying to be all about women, but this was just a little off. Apparently, because her "jean posse" were all wearing the wrong jeans, she asked everyone to strip them off and they would be given new jeans. I'm no prude, but dude, where'd the stripping come from? Just give them the damn jeans.
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