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Where did January Go?


That was one fast month. They say that as you get older, the days just zip by. And I guess they're right. I barely blinked after the New Year and bam! It's February already. Not good. Especially since in true UP fashion, the work all arrives at the same time.


They should just start the semester in January because those two months of November and December don't really count as the second semester. I don't recall doing any work during those months and now bam! Lots and lots and lots of work. Let's be honest and just start the 2nd semester in January and have a longer break since we only start working in the New Year anyway.


I don't want to blink anymore. Last time I blinked, 31 days went by. February only has 29 days (ehem, PB has a birthday this year), I might miss the entire month. I might open my eyes and it's bam! March 1. Then again, why not? Maybe I'll just fall asleep and wake up at graduation. I so don't mind.

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