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168 Hours Left and Counting

7 The seven days I have left 'til my group for BC 111 records a jingle as our project for this class. A jingle that does not exist, save for the ultra cheesy lyrics that Levi, Simon and I managed to write.

6 The six instrumentalists/vocalists we need for this non-existent jingle that we need to tap -- so they can help us compose this non-existent song. I actually randomly approached students from the College of Music asking for help. Spell D-E-S-P-E-R-A-T-E?

5 The five other subjects that I have to worry about this week. BC 122, 123, 124, 185 and Comm 140 that all expect something from me too within this week. Thank God for Comm Res 125. I never thought I'd be taking a Comm Res subject lightly.

4 The four other productions that go after us in the weeks to come. I wish we weren't the first production. I guess that's what makes it all the more scary. Not knowing what the hell is supposed to happen cause there isn't any basis for comparison.

3 The three or more grueling hours we'll be spending next Wednesday producing the actual song that we haven't written. According to legend, it's never JUST three hours. Looks like I'll be missing all THREE screenings of American Idol.

2 The two wonderful groupmates I have. Levi and Simon. Without them, I wouldn't even make it through today. Seriously. The only reason I'm still alive is because I know I've got two kick ass groupmates.

1 The one professor who expects a lot from us (as expected). The one professor who I don't want to let down. The one professor who I want to prove wrong and show that we can produce something worthwhile.

0 The zero notes we've created. As I said, we've got zilch. Nada. Nothing. I like listening to music. But making music is another issue. I don't know how the David Fosters or Wil.I.Am's of this world do it. I was in awe of them before, I bow before them now.
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