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You Can't Cheat an Honest Man

Thanks to the Writers Strike still going on (and my BC 123 class), I've resorted to watching non-US tv shows to fill in the weeks of supposedly Chuck/Gossip Girl/Pushing Daisies-watching. I already passed through 2 Korean series (Coffee Prince and Hardtack Teacher Star Candy). And recently I got re-hooked on the BBC series, Hustle.

Hustle follows a group of London-based con artists as they attempt to dupe money out of their victims ("marks"). Despite their chosen trade, they adhere to codes such as "bad behaviour breeds bad luck". In particular they adhere to the first rule of the con "you can't cheat an honest man" because an honest man doesn't want something for nothing.

The copy I have belongs to my BC 123 professor, who made us watch the pilot as an example of great writing, and somehow I can't find my own copy. I've scoured my favorite pirates and still to no avail. Looks like I'll be resorting to downloading my own copies. But believe me, this series is worth it.

  • It's short
    With only 6 episodes per season, I have to admit it's pretty bitin, but this works for it. I finished the three seasons in a weekend. And yet, what a great 18 episodes it were. This show doesn't drag on. The character arcs are reached in 6 episodes and each season is fresh.
  • British Accents are the Shiz!
    There's something about the British accent that just gets me going. Out of the five main characters, four have an accent. Sure, I need the subtitles to fully understand what they're saying, but seeing their stiff upper lips produce words with that accent is enough entertainment.
  • Adrian Lester is HOT!
    Mickey Bricks is one hot grifter. During the pilot, I didn't think much of him. But this smooth moves and his super slick self are enough to get me fanning myself in an airconditioned room. Seriously. He just doesn't get flustered. He's got a plan B, plan C, plan D and just never gets caught. Words can't describe how much I adore this man!
  • The supporting cast is hilarious
    From the short con artist, Danny Blue, to the old time roper, Albert Stroller, to the awesome fixer, Ash Morgan and the whip smart Cindy Kurleto lookalike, Stacie Monroe, this cast carries each other through each episode. With their different areas of expertise, they all get their episodes wherein they shine. That's why Season 4 isn't as good, cause Mickey's missing. But really, the first three seasons are fab.
  • How can you resist a con?
    I've always been drawn to con-themed movies, Oceans 11 and Matchstick Men so having it for 18 episodes (in different shapes and sizes: from coning a mob boss's rap star wannabe son to stealing the Crown jewels, this show has it covered). My prof made us watch this for TV scriptwriting class for a reason: it's got great writing. And with the WGA strike still going on, why not try something British this time?
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