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I realized that I don't get to see my high school friends as often as other "barkadas" hang out. Just by looking at Multiply, you see barkadas meeting every weekend, and with pictures to prove it. As much as I wish my barkada were the type to get together every weekened, our "busy" schedules just don't permit it.

Still, it's good to know we can still get together during "important" occasions, like Hannah's 21st Birthday. With the help of Hannah's boyfriend, Peter, Lee, Iza and I were able to "surprise" Hannah at her own home. I never believed that surprises could actually be pulled off, but lucky for us, we made it.

surprise hannah!

With the children's party theme, we wore party hats, ate food from McDonalds, played concentration (which apparently, boys don't get) and watched Hannah's brother play Guitar Hero. All in all, it was a pretty wholesome party (as usual). I wonder when we'll start "acting our age." After all, we're all turning 21 this year.
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