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I Wanna Be a Monk

Today in BC 123 (TV scriptwriting class), we had to present our TV commercial script, complete with storyboard. I'm no advertising person. Believe me, but I didn't have much of a choice. Also, I'd do this over news writing any day.

The script part, I had to do myself, but the storyboard part was just going to be a nightmare. I can't draw to save my life (or rather, I can't cram drawing to save my life). Thank goodness for helpful little sisters like Paola (who drew and colored my storyboards) and older sisters like Pamy, who helped me trace one board. Creative siblings are love.

An effective storyboard wouldn't need for me to explain what the hell my advertisement is about. I'd like to think, Paola did a pretty good job at it. I'm just glad that my professor liked it and I was able to give Paola's storyboards they're justice. I volunteered to go first just o get over it, and I'm glad I did go first. At least I could relax the rest of the class and not worry that I was going after some pretty great advertisements.

PPK 07

I so salute anyone working in advertising, because those campaigns that I love surely had a lot of thought and work put into it. I know what industry I'm not made for now. Still, it was fun to pretend for class.

I hate how drama follows me wherever I go. Seriously, I am so over this. I'm moving on and just detaching myself from anything with drama.
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