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Back Again Pt. 7

Seriously, 2008 is now complete. Idol season has returned.

After the 6 month hiatus I had from it, I'm glad it's back, because I don't think I could stand to be away from it any longer. And what a comeback. I'm not a fan of the auditions, but this year I actually sat through it. There were the painful ones, but there were the hopeful ones too. A lot of drama as usual, but as Rickey said, it's what makes for "must-see TV." I have to admit though, the two hour premiere was a little dragging, but hey, beggars can't be choosers.

I dug up my old bookmarks from last season, VFTW, the official website, americanidol, and of course there's Rickey and they're on my LiveBookmarks now. Watch me hungrily wait for new articles to pop up and I'll lap it up selfishly. Yes, if you see me giddily jumping up and down or randomly smiling, you will know the reason.

Hello old friends, Randy, Simon, Paula and Ryan. It feels so good to have you back. Tell me, am I the ONLY ONE excited it's back?

Poll #1122669 American Idol Season 7

Are you excited for American Idol Season 7?

YES -- I have done nothing but mark off the days on my calendar till the premiere!
SO-SO -- I just want to see the auditions that tanked, but I won't watch it every week.
NO -- Lord knows why it lasted seven seasons.
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