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Remember that scene from "She's All that" where Rachel Leigh Cook's character does some sort of new age acting in this club and Freddie Prinze Jr.'s character was so weirded out, but eventually he had to perform something avant garde himself with his hackey sack?

I still remember clearly that while I was watching that I was cringing. That's usually how I feel when watching something that I'm not too comfortable with. I cringe. I get shy. I feel shy for the actors doing all those crazy things.

Well today, I couldn't feel shy. Because it was me doing all those crazy things. In BC 124, we had an "acting workshop." Those two words separately freak me out already, imagine how I'd be when you put them together.

First we had to introduce ourselves with an action and an adjective using the first syllable letter of your name. It took me forever to think of a name. It was a good thing I came last. But still, it was fun to hear all my classmates adjective of choice. There was Jervilicious Jervi, Sophisticated Sophie, Ruthless Ruth, Roaring Roney, Jocastangang Jocasta, Juxtaposed James, Mycalog Myca, Naughty Nikky, Seryosong Rorie, Chinitong Chino, Caring CJ, Loveable Luis, and Calculating Caleb. I ended up choosing Perky Patty (complete with jumping movement). And at that, I was already getting shy. But that was already the farthest I'd go. Or so I thought.

Lord knows how I managed to get through the "act-the-object-be-the-object" segment. I unfortunately picked "ice cream on a cone melting." Come on. How the hell was I supposed to act this out without talking.

124 Act Your Heart Out

I don't know how I got through that but I did and Ma'am didn't yell at me or tell me I was a horrible actor (She didn't yell at anyone anyway), so I guess I wasn't so bad. I really should learn to be less shy. Because yes, contrary to popular belief, I'm actually very very shy. One thing's for sure though, I surely had fun. I'm all for more workshops.
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