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Random Shots

  • Why in the world are the Golden Globes cancelled?
    No, i know the answer, but can't help but feel sad. This is the start of awards season and because the strike still hasn't been resolved, things can't go on normally. I like watching the Golden Globes, just because and now I won't have anything to watch.

    What scares me is that if the Writer's Strike (which I fully support) goes on, who knows, maybe even the Oscars could get canceled. There I said it. But really, this just means no red carpet to ogle at and now hot guys in suits to drool over. Why?!?

  • Nicole Kidman is Pregnant!
    Suck it Tom! I'm so immature, but I still feel like it was Nicole who got the bad end of the deal from that marriage. Not that I don't love Tom-Kat and their little offspring, Suri. But I'm glad that they've both moved on and I'm really happy for Nicole Kidman. I'm not one for kids, but I'm sure she is, so yay for Nicole!

  • Hayden+Milo go Public
    So I'm probably the ONLY person on earth who doesn't really watch Heroes, but for some reason I'm glad that Hayden and Milo are together in real life. I know they're 12 years apart, but I just keep thinking, that's Jess from Gilmore Girls. And Jess is HOT! So good for Hayden bagging such a hottie. Damn, I'm jealous.
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