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Gossip Girl 01x12: School Lies

After the hiatus, I was worried with what they would return to. Especially with Rufus' confession of devotion to Lily. It's funny because I'm much more interested in Rufus-Lily than Blair-Chuck-Nate or Dan-Serena. When did the parents become waaay more interesting than the children? Well, apparently, the Christmas break proved that.

Hello hot Nate. Looks like the trip to Monaco gave him some balls. I've never seen him so into Blair. So gutsy and so full of character. Looks like he's gaining some cred after all. I'm glad he's gotten some attitude too, because he was looking like a blank piece of paper before. Now we're talking. Oh and Blair and Serena have the most beautiful bathing suits ever.

Thank goodness their school mate didn't die, but I'm also glad that the kids are shown getting some sort of sanction. I was sort of forgetting that they were students. And hello new principal. She looks like a hard ass. I'm hoping for some kind of discipline here. Although I doubt any of them will actually get into trouble, looking as they can buy their way out of anything. But it was a nice touch of realism.

Reunited and it feels so good. Lily, why are you breaking his heart? I know you wanted to let Rufus hear it from you, but don't be so blunt. Endearing? That's all you can say. If you miss him and he misses you and Alison is gone and out of the picture, there's nothing stopping you anymore. Love the beige tones theme you guys got going on though.

Does anybody hate Vanessa more than me? Why does she have to go around with that camera? On this episode? How convenient e? I'm just so annoyed that she keeps hanging around. So she has a purpose in this episode, but get out of their lives. That smirk on her face is just too annoying. Wipe it off girl!

Dan, I know you're not as rich as everyone else, but lighten up. There's a difference between being a good guy and being an ass. Trust Serena. She's not going to let you get kicked out. Don't be too dramatic. But I guess they needed this plot twist. I guess he's seeing that his perfect girlfriend's got some flaws. Oh the trouble in paradise. I'm not interested. I want more Rufus-Lily anyway.

STEAMY! Go Rufus and assert yourself. Show Lily you love her. Prove you're worth it. Give her some loving. And Rufus scores. "I'm still in love with you." Hello proposition?!? That was simple and straight to the point. And Lily, I know going with Rufus would mean something weird between Dan and Serena, but who cares, make yourself happy for once! Rufus loves you. After that kiss, I can't believe Lily didn't just faint. I would have.

Someone can be bought! Looks like Vanessa isn't so high and mighty after all. It's annoying because apparently, Miss noble can be bought after all. Sure, she needs the cash for her apartment, but I wish she wouldn't be so judgmental with Dan, seeing that she's the one selling out now. Rawr. I know she redeems herself later on, but my loathing for Vanessa is endless.

Look at that smile. Lily is obviously in love. Although Bart Bass seems like a genuinely nice guy, I doubt he could make her feel even a tenth of how HOT STUFF RUFUS makes her feel. Seriously. Best decision so far. Go for it Lily. Live life with no regrets. Go away with Rufus. (Seeing as this was too good, I could feel something terrible about to happen).

IT WAS YOU SERENA!!! The entire "gang" was about to take the fall for you! How could you?!? I'm so on Team Blair now. Actually scratch that. I'm on Team Rufus-Lily. Because really these kids are getting on my nerves. Nate is about to get suspended just because Blair is protecting Serena. Does Blair NOT remember that Serena slept with Nate!?! Why is Serena's life so damn charmed?!? Okay. End of bitter rant.

Considering Serena is on the brink of being expelled, I declare she has NO RIGHT to tell her mother who and who not to date. I find it crazy how she has this power over Lily. Lily was right in saying that what Serena and Dan have isn't going to last forever, even if it feels like it. Serena was way off base telling her mom to ditch Rufus just cause "Dan is the most important thing ever." Rawr. Assert yourself Lily!

My heart broke as Rufus drove away in his white beetle. Seriously. These people are such martyrs for their children. Oh the love. I love the fog and the slow motion effect too. Too much heartbreak to me. I love how "mature" their love is. No drama, just two adults regretting not being able to try their love again. Oh the sadness. Seriously, I'm crying right now.

I'm loving this new family we've got here. Serena has absolutely no right to hate on Chuck and Bart though. Seeing as they got her out of trouble with the school thanks to the Van Der Woodsen-Bass Library. Serena needs to learn some gratitude. Why am I suddenly hating everyone on this show?! Save for Rufus-Lily of course.

Seeing Rufus pack up all his Lily related paraphernalia is just too much. And for what? Dan and Serena to be happy for a few episodes the last episode? I love how calm and non-dramatic Rufus is. I love how he could talk nonchalantly about Lily's engagement, even telling Serena that he wasn't packing up his music, just that he "had to find someone new to write about." Kill me now Rufus. Or rather, I'll kill your kids so you and Lily can live happily ever after.

When did I start getting angry at all the children? I'm hoping that the last episode next week redeems them in my eyes, because this one totally killed them all in my eyes. And where the hell was Jenny?! I know she could have made this episode more annoying, but hey why not add some more kids to kill right? When did I get this violent over this show. Please let the last episode be fab. Please?
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