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Not Kid-ding

I woke up this morning with my arms feeling like they were run over. I tried thinking of what the hell I did on the first of the year to make me so exhausted. All I did was go over to my grandmother's house and hung out with my cousins. And Julia.

Then I remembered how Julia didn't stop moving, talking, dancing, singing, running and being oh so adorable from the moment we arrived 'til the time we left at night. I even fell asleep from exhaustion in between, but Julia didn't stop moving. Thank goodness I wasn't alone -- my 4 other siblings were there to back me up.

julia three julia five

julia one julia two
julia four julia six

After running and carrying her around Trinoma and at my grandma's place, my arms were glad to rest that night. Today though is another story. My arms are still hurting. It aches to type. But seeing Julia smile and laugh and sing yesterday makes it all worth it.

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