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This Year, Baby

I've never been one for resolutions, but I guess it never hurt to set some goals for the year. I'm not going to kill myself if I don't fulfill them, but I guess it's always good to have a few guidelines to put some order in my ultra chaotic life.

Save More
I always find myself broke. Not good. Whatever happened to saving for a rainy day? 2008, I'll try my best to save some money. I need to put a goal (like a sum -- even if just a small amount) so that I have something to work for. Also, because the 2012 London Olympics are only 4 years away, I better start saving up. But really, I should save more.

Study More
At least focus more. As my course doesn't really require book studying, I should focus more on academics rather than get distracted by useless things (like what I'm doing now). I shall try to be more diligent and more focused on school stuff -- especially since this semester isn't even over yet.

Start Getting In Shape
I don't want to say I'll diet, because I won't. And I know that I won't really really exercise, but at least I want to be in decent shape. This means, no pigging out and a little more physical activity than 2007. I should get back to jogging and tennis. Not all at once, but a realistic amount, I guess.

Stay Positive and Patient
I tend to get negative and pessimistic really quickly. I also lose my cool and patience in an instant. I'm going to be more patient towards others and keep a more positive outlook in life this year. I'd hate to age even faster thanks to being negative.

Well it never hurt to set some goals. Here's to rocking 2008.

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