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So Long 2007

Year 2007 was kicked off with an academics cramming filled January. I was in the middle of my second semester of my sophomore year in college and I was just beginning the crazy BC life. BC 101 was stressing me out and to think it's the most basic subject of all. Still, it didn't mean I wasn't going to fan girl -- my delusions over Prince Harry were still very much alive.

February was the month I said goodbye to my teenage years. I finally turned 20. Goodbye "irresponsible" self, although in reality, nothing really changed other than the fact that I didn't have the word 'teen' attached to my name. American Idol arrived and my season long obsession with the show was in full swing.

The end of the school year usually falls on March so it wasn't a surprise I was practically counting down to summer the entire month. Still, it didn't mean I wasn't going to enjoy the things I was doing. I actually finished an entire 5K run in a whopping 36:43! Obviously this is a feat for me. And then of course there was the Philippine Idol Concert. That though was a flop in the eyes of the critics, was totally enjoyed by me.

I didn't take summer classes so April meant summer was here! It didn't help that some boys were making it hotter, but I spent the hot summer days keeping cool at home, by watching tv and just surfing the net. This meant reality shows galore. I guess you just can't get sick of reality tv. And this also got me Starstruck! with reality tv stars in the flesh!

May was just a continuation of summer mode and that meant summer movies! Contrary to others opinions, I liked Spiderman!!! I also went on an Alias marathon just because and I found out that my favorite book series, Gossip Girl was going to hit the TV screen! It was also nice to be able to go to Baguio for a bit to escape the heat of Manila.

I couldn't get into LJ for the first few days of June thus my frustration! I also picked up a new obsession with Studio 60, alas only to find out it was canceled soon after. And though I experienced some disappointment, I couldn't help but think positive about my upcoming junior year in UP. Then of course there was the Paris Hilton fiasco that though I wasn't personally involved in, I couldn't help but watch although others weren't as convinced of its news value.

July started my fascination with the un-google-able man. Though unlucky in that department, I was luckier elsewhere. I won tickets to watch Christina Aguilera Live!!! Only to find out that Elliott was coming over to Manila too! This prompted me to hope and wish and pray that Manila be a Spice City! Then I remembered I was also a student, and returned to cramming academics. Still, it was my first time to get dolled up for an org event and I surprised even myself.

Although August broke my heart with Jake and Reese sightings and the wonderful subject that is Comm Res 101, little things like our parish priest and the rebirth of Marimar could still make me smile. And because Marimar fever finally hit, I found myself following a nightly drama, night after night after night. Blame it on DingDong Dantes and Marian Rivera's crazy chemistry.

September means fall TV season! Who knew the Writer's Strike would cut this short? Then of course there was the Baby V scandal that scared tweeners to flock over to Hannah Montana. I personally found it shocking, but hey, you all make mistakes. But nothing beats Ms. Trainwreck of 2007 as she tries to shimmy onstage. Oh Britney. Still on the academic front, I had my first school related sleepover that wasn't a success, school wise, but friend wise, it only made us closer. But really nothing beats Elliott coming to Manila! Highlight of the month for sure!

Probably my most prolific blogging month, October started with a puke inducing, pizza eating contest which was followed by a blood letting activity and of course, never ending Comm Res 101. Thank goodness we climbed our Everest though. Dewey's Dawgz till the end! And of course, this month saw the forming of new friendships.

November means the end of the sembreak and that really means sadness. After the first sem of craziness, I just wanted to rest, but wait, I couldn't because I had 21 units of more love this semester. This meant catching up on favorite tv shows like Chuck and Pushing Daisies. Though the Writer's Strike would end these soon, Christmas still came early.

And finally we're back at December which started off with allergies. So lovely. But because it's the month of Christmas, I just had to make a list! Of course the siblings are just making me so proud but I still had a shitload of work to do before the break. And the work just didn't want to end. Still, there was time for fun with BC friends, fun at the Lantern Parade, fun with high school friends and Christmas fun. Still, nothing beats ending the year with a miracle. There are still honest people out there.

I don't know, but every year seems to trump the last one. 2007 had some crazy times and some sad times, but all in all it was a pretty fab year! I can't wait to see what 2008 has in store for me, because based on the past, the years just get better! Bring it on, 2008!
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