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Still High on Life

Remember the time I lost my pink wallet then found it the next day? Well, the year couldn't end if I didn't lose something of value. Something of value that was PINK! Tonight, on my way home from our BC 122 pre-production meeting in our professor's house in West Avenue, I lost my mobile phone. Yes, the pink Motorolla Razr that I just got handed down from selvercy! And I've never ever lost a phone before!

I've had this same SIM card since Grade 6 so I was really attached to the phone and of course just the fact that you lose something is terrible. I'm so glad I was with such supportive BC 122 classmates who went back to the gas station where we got off from the tricycles to help me look for it.

Half of us went back to the tricycle terminal, while the other half stayed in the gas station just in case the tricycle came back. The thoughts racing through my mind were just so plenty. I was hoping that the tricycle driver was a good man and wouldn't take my phone. I was praying the rosary so hard, I don't even remember if my mysteries reached ten 'hail marys' each. I just prayed that my phone would be found.

Halfway through the crazy manhunt, Rorie gets a phone call saying that the driver had returned my phone! I was so happy. This is crazy. There are still decent human beings out there who return mobile phones. I was going to give him a reward, but he left right away and told my friends he didn't need one.

Well guess what, I have the number of his tricycle and one of the drivers I spoke to said that he had a list of all the trike drivers in their group so I could easily hunt him down and give him a huge hug and thank you gift! I'm just so freaking happy. But really, I wouldn't have made it without my 122 friends and God of course. I'm so blessed to find my things after they get "lost."

122 Loves

Here's to rocking the Asean with you guys next year. Thanks so much for keeping me together and keeping me sane/calm. I really would have just gone home crying or would go around West Avenue on a rampage but you guys stuck around and made things so much better for me. This really was an impromptu bonding experience/team building activity. We do work well as a group. And no peer evaluation could change that. Thanks a bazillion.

This redeems the average Filipino in my eyes. I was so sad thinking that my year ended on a sour note (with my phone being stolen/lost forever), but thanks to Mang Olan, the most honest tricycle driver ever, I see that there really are still good souls out there. There is still hope for this country, if only more people were like him. What a good way to end my 2007.
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