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Gossip Girl 01x11: Roman Holiday

Because I'm actually watching this series in time, I was in the mood for a holiday episode. Seeing as Gossip Girl is one of the few shows with episodes left to air, I was doubly excited to watch it. So basic plot line is: Blair is trying to get her father to stay. Serena and Dan are trying to find the perfect gift for each other. Rufus and Alison are trying to work things out and Bart Bass wants to out his relationship with Lily. Oh and ZERO Chuck and Nate. A Nate-less episode I could deal with. But NO CHUCK? AGAIN?!? Damn you Josh Schwartz.

So Vanessa gets Dan's story in The New Yorker. Oh-kay. Dammit! Why didn't Serena think of that? Well maybe because Vanessa's the best friend and thus knows him "better." But why did Dan have to say that it was "the best Christmas gift ever"?!? Total pressure on Serena. It was extra evil of Vanessa to let Serena read the letter aloud. Subtly rubbing it in, I see. Let the games begin then.

Alison must go to hell right now. Doesn't she get that she and Rufus just aren't meant to be?!? Your guest appearance on the show is up girl! Time to get off the show and let Rufus get on with his life without you. I feel no sympathy for Alison. Zero and thus my rooting for Rufus-Lily even if it would be weird for the kids.

Well, well, well... someone's trying to go the "expensive" route in buying gifts. If I were Dan though, I'd take it. But of course, let's make the show more interesting by not going the "materialistic" route. But seriously, I'd take the watch. I can totally relate to Serena though. I'm terrible at keeping gifts. Once I buy it, I can't wait to give it! Damn Vanessa still for upstaging her. Oh well... we will triumph.

Blair is her naughty self and it was cute to see her injure Roman. I was expecting Roman to be prettier, but I guess they couldn't make him too pretty and compete with Blair looks-wise. I found his accent annoying though, but I guess they were going for the exaggerated route. Still, that wasn't such a bad fall for someone who can't ice skate and was deliberately tripped. Makes me want to go ice skating though.

Lily: Rufus, we really shouldn't be speaking.
Rufus: No, I know.
Lily: But, if there's something you wanna say, you should go ahead and say it.
Rufus: Is there something you want me to say?

Talk about the cutest couple in the world ever!!! These two should just abandon their children and get together. They so deserve to be happy and it looks like they'll make each other happy. Screw Bart. Screw Alison. Screw your children. Let's have a spin-off for Rufus and Lily. That would so make me happy. Lily is obviously not over Rufus and vise versa. So what is stopping them?!?!

I love how Blair totally calls Vanessa on her "supportive-best-friend" act because someone's got to. Serena is too blind to see that Vanessa is so not over Dan so it's a good thing that Blair is looking out for her. A little obvious of Blair too, to call Vanessa into the bathroom, but I guess Serena really is a little slow as she didn't see anything at all. Still, go Blair! Fight for Serena's rights!!!

Lily is so damn hot. Serena's pretty hot too. SO WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO ERIC?!?! In the books he was supposed to be a HOT older brother but got demoted to suicidal younger brother in the TV series, but did he have to look like Aaron Carter?!? I really do hope he blooms in this show because he's the least pretty among the boys. It was really funny how Lily blurted that she's dating Bart Bass though. It seems like she's not really that into him and could be just after the money, but yeah, way to go -- introducing him to the children.

Cutest scene ever. Blair is still a little girl and she really does need her daddy. It was so sweet how her dad is trying so hard to appease her and yet stand his ground. Blair has never looked so innocent and vulnerable on this show and I only see her like this when she's with her dad. He's obviously got an effect on her and it's heartwarming to see the ice queen isn't such a cold hearted bitch after all.

COME HITHER anyone?!? Screw the snow (although it is very very pretty), I'm sure Dan would like his "gift" without the snow. But hey, way to go for the ambiance and fake snow. I'm loving how Serena is totally initiating everything in this relationship and Dan's just too happy to follow. Not a feudal relationship, I see. But really, this beats the Ryan-Marissa first time on The OC. Yes, I'm a sucker for the snow. Loves it. ♥

Well that was quick. For someone who wasn't into businessman Jack, Eleanor Waldorf is an easy lay. I can't say I blame her though. Her husband did leave her for a male model. We all know where Blair got her skillz then. But really, I don't know where they're going with this relationship. Is Jack supposed to be the Cyrus Rose from the books who Eleanor ends up marrying? Or is he just foil for this show? Let's watch out then -- though not as interested. And the Victoria's Secret plugging? Gotta love the shameless advertising.

Rufus: Hey Lil. You know everything's closed on Christmas. Diners that claim to be open 24/7. It's false advertising. So Alison's leaving. She's spending time with the kids. And I seem to have walked all the way from Brooklyn to your doorstep. Without a jacket, in the snow. So what he hell. I miss you. And I have been missing you for a while.

BART BASS!!! Why now?!?! They barely even played up this relationship and now he's asking her to marry him?! I guess they're really trying to stir things up for the next season, but seriously, marry Bart Bass?!? Don't go the Julie Cooper-Nicholl route. Don't fall for the rich guy again. Rufus. Sweet sensitive Rufus is outside your door hotel in the snow without a jacket and he misses you!!! Marry him instead! Or at least don't marry Bart!!!

I find myself more interested in Rufus-Lily than in any other ship on this show and I'm not complaining. I guess because all the other couples have gotten together, there's "no more excitement" for me, but with Rufus-Lily, it's all up in the air. Why does the next episode have to be on January 2?!? And why is the second to the last for this season!?! Seriously, this Writers Strike has to end like right now.
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