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Sagittarian Siblings Upstaging Me!

Because I can't for the life of me play an instrument or sing, I shall forever live my musical career through my siblings. It just so happens that the Sagittarians in the family (and the Pisceans) have the music in them. This week I was able to witness the crazy talent my siblings are keeping within themselves.

Last Sunday, Paola had her first piano recital where she played "Teardrop Waltz" from the Koreanovela "Spring Waltz" and "Peasant Dance." Paola is never one to like attention (my total opposite) so she wasn't very game to take pictures, much more perform onstage. It's so funny because when she'd commit a mistake, she'd just laugh it off. I love her attitude. She's totally pressure free.

Joobie's a Jenius!

Either way I'm really proud of her because she's only 12 and she can play better than Pamy and (who took lessons for more years than she has). I was the assigned camera person (thank goodness for tripods) so I was able to watch Paola through the lens of a video cam and she was great from where I was standing. Go Paola go! Now if you'd only make the donuts we've been begging you to make for ages, this break would be even better.

Pietro's a Rockstar!

Seriously, why are the Sagittarians so talented? Thursday, I spent cheering on my brother Pietro as he performed with his classmates the song from their debut CD. It was supposed to be a simple "salu-salo" with the other 3rd year sections, but it turned out to be such a musical event! There was a stage set up in the quad and all the sections had their representatives.

Now I know I'm his sister, but I try not to be biased when I say that their class was the best! They had great instrumentalists (go Pietro!) and their singer wasn't bad at all. To think the other sections did covers of songs, their section did originals and I totally enjoyed it. I usually can't stand "amateur" bands because I feel shy for them in general, but Pietro's class was really good!

And Pietro isn't exactly the most outgoing person ever, but when he was onstage, he was so comfortable and so at ease. My heart was throbbing with fangirl joy! I really do hope this is just the beginning of a great musical career for him.

It makes me wish my non-existent future children had great musical talent. Talk about pressure to these children that won't even exist. But hey a girl can dream! Piano, violin, guitar virtuosos, here you come! But really, this is just really a proud ate at work. I can't wait 'til their next performances. I'm so going to be there.

And because my dad doesn't take just 1 picture, here are more of Paola's non-smiling
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