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Ultra Tiring Wednesday

I got home Thursday morning and was wondering why the hell I was so tired. I literally hit the bed and woke up Thursday afternoon. It didn't seem like I did much that day. Then when I was uploading pictures of my Wednesday, I realized why I was so tired. I was up the entire day. Starting from 8am, I was in school for some errands, then off to SM/Trinoma for last minute gift buying, then back to UP for my 111 meeting, then straight to the UP Lantern Parade. And that was only the beginning.

Christmas Cheer
kobebeef, eeliphant, and icanseeclarity spreading the holiday cheer!

The lantern parade was crazy. It's too bad CMC didn't walk the entire oval. But I guess their performance on the side of the street made up for it. But really, my job was Sandy's camera person. Despite my shaky hands, we trooped around the oval, as she covered the event for her 124 class. We interviewed other colleges and took pictures of their lanterns.

We also interviewed this Chem Eng '01 graduate who happened to be the owner of the fireworks that were going to go off that evening. Maybe it was exhaustion from videoing Sandy the entire afternoon, but it was nice to be behind the camera when Sandy was interviewing this guy. I guess eloquence and a cute smile is enough to make me giddy.

Dinner with the Girls

After the Lantern Parade, Sandy, Ruth, , Ed and I ate dinner at Friuli's. The food was really good! I don't know if it was just because I was really hungry, but I was able to eat as many slices of pizza as the guys!!! How embarrassing. But really, it was good food and not so expensive either. We were supposed to bring a date each, but since RJ had some Archi thing, and I didn't have a date, Sandy and I came together. And bias aside, I'm sorry girls, but I think PANDY was the hottest love team that night.

MCO Xmas Party

After dinner, I drive the girls to our org's Christmas party at Nel's MCO house (complete with blue and yellow gate). It's funny because Nel's godmother is Pamy's boss at work. What a small world! Anyway, I miss MCO. These people are the most fun ever! There was the annual exchange gift giving where both my "mommy" (AC) and my "baby" (Ela) weren't there! It's alright, it's nice to see others open gifts.

But my favorite game for the night was "The Boat is sinking" IBS Style. Once you form your group, you can push out a person you don't want in your group. It was so crazy as people were pushing and shoving, all just to win! I'm proud to say that Con, Flau and I were grand champions. It's either we're well loved, or we're the best pushers/shovers in the entire org. I can't wait to have another party with these people.

Anna's White Partay!

The last stop for the night was Anna's white party! I have never felt so uncool in my life. It was a good thing I had Ana to "party" with. Ana, looked white hot in her "big shirt with belt" ensemble. It was nice to see both of us dress up and not in our usual ratty tshirt and jeans look. Thanks Anna for giving us the opportunity to break our monotonous cycle of laundry.

The food was fabulous too! I think everyone else was drinking, but Ana and I were eating to our hearts content. There was shrimp and amazing fish and this litson looking cow and just cake and food and food and food! I couldn't eat as much thanks to my white dress, but I definitely had fun.

Anna got an iPod Touch for her birthday from her boyfriend, Tam. Wow. My jaw dropped when Anna opened her gift. Now the standards for boyfriend has definitely gone up a notch. Hello Prince Harry.

If that was my "first day" of vacation, then I'm looking forward to a truly exhausting Christmas vacation. Hopefully tiring enough to burn all the calories I've taken in and the more I will ingest thanks to the season. Still, I'm holding on to these last days of 2007 and PB's last days here because I don't want 2008 to come just yet.

And because no matter how "busy" a day is, there's always time for more crazy shots of my extra crazy day.
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