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Need. Sleep. Now.

Tools of Torture
BC 111: Podcast Pitch
BC 124: Newscast Production
BC 122: Photoshoot Costing
BC 123: Party Games & Costume!
BC 185: Report
Comm Res 125: Excel Exercise
Comm 140: Essay and Poster

So lesson learned. I shouldn't sleep if I'll only get an hour of rest. I slept for an hour after finishing preparation for my BC 124 Newscast.

Because first of all, it's hard to put on contact lenses when you can barely open your eyes. Second, caking on make up (with zero skillz) is difficult when you're half asleep. Third, feeling like your voice is giving way is not easy to work with. And finally, being camera shy is terrible.

I'm glad I got entertainment news. I knew my news by heart (Jessica Alba to be a Fantastic Mom and Ruffa Not a Desperada) but I guess that worked against me as ma'am said I sounded a little mechanical. But hey, I'm glad I didn't mess up too bad. I'll leave Pia Guanio to her job, because I have no plans of going in that direction. Like Ruth, I'll stick to 121. Because I'm no performer.

Then there's the BC 123 Christmas Party tomorrow and I still don't know who to go as. I'm swinging between two characters, neither of which have shows that are airing in Manila, thus my only a few of my classmates would get it.
Poll #1105541 BC 123 Costume

Which TV Character should I go as?

But still. Looks like I'll decide tomorrow morning. Oh the choices I have to make. Now if I had clothes a la Blair Waldorf/Serena Van Der Woodsen, now we're talking.
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