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Tools of Torture
BC 111: Podcast Pitch
BC 124: Newscast Production
BC 122: Photoshoot Costing
BC 123: Party Games!
BC 185: Report
Comm Res 125: Excel Exercise
Comm 140: Essay and Poster

Figaro! Figaro! Figaroooooooooo!

No, I didn't watch an opera. I'm just glad that our pitch for BC 111 wasn't a disappointment. I was so nervous about our presentation that I couldn't sleep the night before. I stayed up all night doing our one minute AVP and I was so unsure of what the hell I was going to say. Then I woke up late this morning and had to finish other school requirements, that I ended up going to school late. Not good at all.

Thank goodness there wasn't any traffic at all, because if there were, I wouldn't have made it to class on time. It sucks, because I thought when I got to CMC, there would be other people, but there wasn't anyone at all.

Still, none of it mattered because in the end, we proved to sir that we weren't such a terrible class after all. And we got free coffee too! I'm not even a coffee drinker, but my iced latte sure tasted sweet.

It was fun to be able to bond with my 111 class too. We spent 4 hours at the College of Home Economics trying to figure out what the hell we were going to name our project. Taglines are the hardest ever. Whoever came up with "just do it" and the like are genius! Brilliant minds, I tell you.

It was fab because even sir stuck around with us as we came up with the names: from the craziest and most inane, to the pretty witty ones. I'm just glad we got off to a good start. I still vote for Cup Cup and Away. That just wins hands down for me. Here's to the beginning of all the late nights and hard work.

The best part is coming back to my car parked in CMC at 7:30pm and seeing this on my windshield. At first, I wasn't sure what the hell it was 'til I looked up close. It was a Polaroid of eeliphant & kobebeef! Thanks Sam and Kai! You guys totally put a smile on my face. What a great way to end my day.
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