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Free day???

Not that I regret how I spent this day, I just think I could have spent it some other way. The "virtual" paradise would usually be described as something like basking in the sun, with a piña colada, in a string bikini, feeling the warm sand in between my toes, watching as hot surfer dudes walk by and as the orange sun sets before me.

Except there's something absolutely wrong with that sentence. Sure, it could be ungrammatical in some areas, but the though itself is wrong. Why? Well for a lot of reasons:

  1. Like basking in the sun
    I'm dark enough as it is, I don't think I need the extra UV rays. I don't want to get tanorexic either. In fact, I'm quite fine with my complexion now and I certainly don't like the heat.

  2. With a piña colada
    I'm not one to drink so this is out of the question again. I don't like how it tastes and I'm a wannabe good girl so this doesn't quite fit.

  3. In a string bikini
    Now as much as I'd love to be in a string bikini, I know my limitations I'm not that confident. Although, when I do get my Jennifer Garner-esque body I'm sure no one will be complaining when I walk out decked in a bikini.

  4. feeling the warm sand in between my toes
    I hate it when sand gets anywhere it's not supposed to be. My mom told me that when I was in kinder, I would come home with sand everywhere. I don't know how it got there but apparently, I liked hanging out in the sand box. Times have changed and I no longer like sand -- anywhere.

  5. watching as hot surfer dudes walk by
    I'm okay with this part as long as they don't have a posse of girls following them. And of course, if they pay attention to me. Hmm... sounding possessive anyone? And bordering on neurotic actually.

  6. as the orange sun sets before me
    Don't get me wrong, but I'm not exactly a fan of watching sunsets or sunrises. They just don't click with me. I think they're pretty, some of the time, but I'm not one to sit down and watch it. I find no gratification from watching a big ball of gas 'set' due to the rotation of the earth.

So what's my ideal day, really? Well, it would have a number of things. Nothing too spectacular, I'm very easy to please.

  • Absolutely nothing that I HAVE to do
    Meaning there aren't any deadlines and nothing to worry about. No one harping down my throat, no quizzes or tests to think off or anything negative to waste my precious brain cells with.

  • A comfortable bed
    One that I can sleep in for the entire day, if I intend on doing so. My bed actually is pretty good as I have already accomplished the feat of sleeping for 26 hours straight, so any bed would really do.

  • A great book
    Just in case I might decide to wake up and read something. It doesn't have to be politically or socially relevant, as long as it makes me happy, it will do fine. I especially like it when I feel giddy and great for the lead character. Romance never hurt either.

  • A TV (including cable, of course) with a DVD player and enough DVDs to last me till the apocalypse
    Again, in the event that I wake from slumber, I would need some sort of entertainment. The TV is a great invention. I don't care if they say it makes you stupid. I want to be stupid. I've been thinking all my life, I just want to be a slave to the idiot box. People who don't believe in TVs are well... the idiots. DVDs with hot guys and pretty girls with dancing and romantic plots or anything with Jake Gyllenhaal are of course, accepted. That is self explanatory already.

  • Scrumptious food
    When I finally decide to wake up, I expect that I would be bloody hungry, so it never hurt to have something great to munch on. And what's the point in watching TV when you can't eat. In fact, what's the relevance in living if there won't be great food staring back at me.

  • Selected Company
    Of course, I have a guest list of whom I'd want to be there. What's the point of having company when you can't even choose who you want to be with on your perfect day? In no particular order of importance.

    • Jake Gyllenhaal - that's why it's called a perfect day, right?
    • Family - we're tight. I like them around.
    • Cousins - again, I like these people. We get along.
    • Close Friends - I don't have that many CLOSE friends. They know who they are.
    • Britney Spears - so I can finally grill her on what happened between her and Justin. After the interrogation, I can send her away. I don't want to get jealous of her body on my perfect day.
    • Diego Luna - so I can practice dancing and Spanish at the same time. Hitting two birds with one stone! And so that I have someone to look at when Jake's taking his break.

    If I could put everyone I really wanted, they wouldn't fit in my house anymore. That's why it would be called my perfect day.

I told you I'm easy to please. The thing is, where and when will my perfect day happen? Will it ever even be a slight possibility? Such simple requests and still the complicated world prevents me from having my dream day... Sigh. What a waste of a free day.
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