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Gossip Girl 01x10: Hi, Society

There's something about cotillion that gets me going. Is it the so-called virginal white gowns they all wear? Or is the fact that all the guys look damn hot in their white tie get ups? Whatever it is, I love the decadence and the oppulence of cotillions, because I know I'm never going to be able to experience being introduced to society in one of these.

Nevertheless, this episode didn't disappoint. Sure, I wished for more drama, but I'm not going to complain. Dear Chuck Bass is back and therefore there is enough drama to go around. And welcome special guest, Grandma Cece Rhodes (Serena's grandma) who I can totally live without (she is of course, the equivalent of either Caleb Nichols, or Sandy's dying mom on the OC). Sorry, I couldn't help it.

Is it just me or does "The Prince" sort of look like a bad version of Zac from The OC. I guess they didn't bother casting such a hottie as they would soon get rid of his royal highness. FYI, in the book, Blair does get involved with some sort of royalty in one of the last books, I forget. But there.

And so we meet the angry lola. Obviously this woman has a thing against the Humphrey men, therefore I hate her already. Kill this woman already! I'm not feeling any love for her at all. And Dan was just the cutest telling her "the truth."
Dan:People spend all this money to have their daughters basically dance in front others for attention. When if you ask Serena, I bet she'd do that for you right now. Free of charge.

Is he saying his girlfriend's a whore? Well he sort of got that down right. Still, funny how it's coming from Dan, as he is supposedly the more in touch with reality one.

These two are just horny kids. They can't keep their hands off each other. And with good reason. I'm sure Chuck Bass is a pretty aggressive guy and Blair's been wound up for so long, she's looking for some... release? But in the end, I feel terrible for Chuck. He's just Blair's plaything. As soon as Nate arrived at her door, she goes running back. Oh Chuck, don't be sad. You got her first.

Round 1: Lilly vs. Alison.I hat Alison. I think I've established that. But right now, I'm hating little Jenny Humphrey more. Seriously, this kid is becoming the biggest brat/social climber of the show ever. She's like a little Julie Cooper, minus the endearing quality. I hate Alison and I feel bad for her buying expensive shoes for stupid Jenny Humphrey. Seriously.

Round 1: Cece vs. Dan... So Dan is trying to put up a brave front. It's alright, Dan. This woman has had years of practice. Don't let her get you down!!! Harsh lola! I'm just glad Dan had an easy comeback, making himself Serena's escort. Tscha!

Cece: The way you feel. It never goes away. It just gets worse.You'll always use your dessert fork for your entree. You'll always feel underdressed no matter what you wear. And at dinner parties, it will be as if there's a language that sounds like English and you think you speak it, but they don't hear you and you don't understand them. Time passes and you feel like people never see you. THey look at you and wonder whether you are Serena's whim or charity case. 'Til the day comes that you realize that Serenas dont end up with Dan Humphrey. They end up with the Carters of the world and people like you turn; they turn into cocktail party anecdotes of their foolish youth. So, why don't you give it up and spare yourself the pain. I'm sure Serena will understand.

Round 2: Cece vs. Rufus... Celia will do anything to make sure Serena is introduced properly -- even buy out ALL Alison's paintings! Oh dear, don't waste your money, I doubt Rufus loves Alison that much. I'm glad Rufus stood his ground though. Long live the Humphrey Men! Don't let Cece Rhodes bring you down. Oh and in my case Rufus >>> any inhertiance. Too hot.

Hello hotties. I have no comments on this scene except to drool at the yumminess that is Nate and Chuck. Yes, I actually included Nate as he seemed to have more character in this episode than all of the other 9 episodes combined. Look at them looking fab in their tuxedoes just waiting to pounce on Carter, when really it's Chuck doing the deed with Blair, but oh well. I'm glad Nate's too dimwitted to realize this. For now. Again, let's go back to admiring the hotness.

I'm loving the gowns. I have to say these trump The OC cotillion gowns any day. But what really cracked me up was the introductory statements the girls got. Blair's was predictably perfect, but Serena's was just made of win! I'm loving how Cece gasped with shock after hearing it.

Blair's Intro: Blair Cornelia Waldorf. Daughter of Harold and Eleanor Waldorf. Escorted by Nathaniel Archibald. Plans to be a part of Yale's class of 2013. She will continue to summer in Southampton and volunteer her time to children's charities.

Serena's Intro: And now I would like to present, Serena Celia Van Der Woodsen. Daughter of Committee Member Lilian Van Der Woodsen. Granddaughter of Chairwoman Emeritus, Celia Catherine Rhodes. Escorted by Carter Baizen. Miss Van Der Woodsen hopes to bed as many billionaires as she can before settling down to...
Poll #1103755 Gossip Girl 01x10: Hi, Society : Cotillion Ball

Whose Cotillion Dress did you like better?

Blair: The bow and the train were to die for
Serena: The unexpected gold color and the bustier are just fab!
Neither: They both looked blah to me

Lily is just the most awesome tv mom ever. This girl could not get any more kick ass in my book and she does by talking to Dan about her past and how she likes him for Serena. It just melts my heart that she's trying to make things right this time around. Can I sense a little regret on her part about things past? Oh yes, Josh Schwartz, let's dig deep on this one.

Lily: When I was your age, I would have been lucky to find a guy like you. And I kind of did. But when it came down to it, I thought my mother knew who I was; beter than I knew myself. I'm not sure exactly who my daughter was. But I know who she's become since she met you... You belong with my daughter and I think everyone should know that.

How extremely cheesy can Nate get? I mean really? Wink at Chuck while making out with Blair, that's just made of cheese! Is this really the love of Blair's life? And after what? A punch to Carter, who had nothing to do with anything? Seriously Blair. But in fairness to Blair, she looks fab. The wide shot of them by the door making out is icon worthy. Love it. Poor Chuck though. My icon just says it all.

And I officially despise Jenny Humphrey. This little girl has to patch up the hole in the ozone layer herself and save all the polar bears in the North Pole and vaccinate every child in Africa before I like her again. I mean I feel bad that her mother is Alison, but live with it girl! And be nicer. You're such a brat! I'm liking Alison more than her and that's never a good thing.

Lily: We're not supposed to talk, remember?
Rufus: I had to. Your mother came to see me and she mentioned something, about why you left me all those years ago.
Lily: Oh well yes, she made me an offer I couldn't resist. And I wasn't strong enough then.
Rufus: Why didn't you tell me?
Lily: Oh come on. You never would have understood
Rufus: But if I had known you hadn't actually left me... for him, maybe I would...
Lily: Listen don't, don't say it. Don't even think it.
Rufus: I can't help myself *PATTY DIES* I Never should have let you... let me go. *PATTY GOES TO HEAVEN*

Ok, Lily's approving grin to her daughter (as Serena is swept away by Dan) kind of freaked me out. I'm not saying her daughter is about to have sex with Dan, but it's like Lily is pushing them in that direction with this "supportive" grin. Still, if anyone could do supportive grin and still be hot, it's Lily. Oh and I don't care that Dan-Serena are in lala land, because for sure, next week, things will be bad again.

I'm no expert, but this looks uncomfortable. I have to commend the lighting director though because this is the sexiest lighting ever. Blair looks gorgeous and Nate's biceps and pecs are so defined despite the darkness. Even if I'm not rooting for this ship, I have to admit, it was kinda hot. Hello morning after. Now that's something I can't wait for.

I have to end the episode with Chuck because apparently he's leaving. I'm not sure where, but I doubt he'll be gone long. I saw him in the previews for next week I think. Or I could be very wrong. Nevertheless, it's obvious how in love hot he was for Blair. Still, looking good while skipping town. Got to hand it to Mr. Bass.

All in all a pretty "well balanced" episode, showing a bit of everyone, and trying to not leave anyone out. Yes, I wished there was more catfight and drama, but hey they're the experts, so they know what they're doing. Next week: we see Blair's dad come home and the reappearance of Vanessa. Who will I hate more? Vanessa or Jenny or Alison? Let the comeptition begin!
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