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Watch Patty Squee

So let me fangirl. That's what I do best after all. I know I'm his sister and I will be forever biased, but let me. I've fangirled for people I don't even know, I think I'm entitled to fangirl for my own brother.

It just so happens that my uber talented younger brother Pietro veganpunk_ and a few of his "friends" (classmates in 3M Ateneo High School) happened to be too good that their little class project got recorded and picked up by Song BMG!

Yes, that means that their songwriting project for AP Class is now a CD being sold in actual record stores. First off, I'm blown away. By association, this is the nearest I'm going to get near to a record. I doubt I'll ever record one myself (as thy vocal prowess is zilch). I don't know how easy it is to get a record deal, but I doubt it was THAT easy.

Second, my brother can actually compose?! I knew he was good with instruments, but to actually compose a song, that's original is beyond me. I remember in grade 4, we were supposed to "compose" a song for CL, and I totally suggested a Zesto theme song, thinking I was the only one who listened to radio advertisements -- which I now realize (thanks to Pamy, was a Bon Jovi song which i love to sing on Magic Sing -- "Livin' On a Prayer"). Hello plagiarism. I was plagiarizing a Plagiarizer. What would Ma'am A***** say??? I'm such a freak. I can barely string two notes (that sound good together) on the piano and Pietro made an entire song -- which was chosen as the "first single" for the album.

Third, my brother's name is on a CD! And his song is on the damn thing! Hello rockstar! This is just way too exciting for me. Thing is, we're all more excited for it than my brother is. He actually seems embarrassed by our overexcitement -- which is understandable, as Pietro has never been the showy type. Which is why he will freak when he finds out I text brig-ed my friends and hello LiveJournal pimpage.

The boys of the M Section were just so good in writing, not just essays, but poetries which they have later turned into musical compositions. In fact, two of the album tracks were already used to compete for "Awit Nasyonalista," a yearly songwriting competition of Ateneos Social Studies Department. (This competition should be noted as the one responsible in putting together some of the most popular bands of today such as Parokya ni Edgar.)

Music that embodies the minds of the entire class, their experiences, yearnings and raw emotions of these young kids wanting to express themselves - are what one can expect from this 5-track EP, which is co-produced by Ryan Cayabyab.

But really, if you're feeling nice, go out and get the album! MBoys 09 is out now! It costs Php 155 for 5 tracks and a music video. It's available in most record stores, I think. This is the only time I'm ever going to pimp anything (I think), so obviously this means something to me. In the end, I'm just squeeing cause my brother is in this. Basically, I'm just fangirling.

And apparently, I'm not the only ate fangirling. Another of my brother's classamtes ate's also plugged it. See, I'm not alone.
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