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Carol of the Shiny Happy People

Singing was never my strong trait. Yes, everyone can "supposedly" carry a tune, and in the shower or in Magic Sing, I'm pretty damn good. But real singing, I leave that to Pamy. This is why I really look up to singers in general. Not only does it take talent, but guts to stand in front of a crowd and belt their hearts out.

At tonight's CMC CarolFest (which I originally thought was named KarolFest after CMC chair, karolyee), my heart was throbbing was with pride when I heard the MChorale sing. Of course there's bias, but they did practice their asses off and it paid off. Singing a jing-jing-jing Jingle Bells, a masscommified Kumukutikutitap and the official CMC song, I couldn't help but cheer them on.

taken from Bev Lopez's multiply

I didn't even care for the cash prize (although the org would surely need it), it was just wonderful to win it. As Kimbe said, "Ang galing MCO ay may galing" Or something like that. Congratulations MChorale: Headmaster, Nel, Con, Yvonne, Cherrie, Micx, Rach, Sandy, Barry, Harry, Christer, Ely, Ed, and Simon. What's fabulous about you guys is individually you all sound amazing, but together, you sound even more superb. Fabulous.
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