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Gossip Girl 01x09: Blair Waldorf Must Pie

Not my most favorite episode this season, but it was nice to see how things were a year back on Thanksgiving. I guess the reason I wasn't that into it was there was NO CHUCK BASS. How could they do this after last week's sweetness?

I needed Chuck and he was nowhere to be seen. I needed his sarcasm and hotness and his witty repartee with Blair. I needed to see his sleazy sweet self fawn over Blair. And it's not like they gave me any Dan-Serena love or Rufus-Lilly love. So Josh Schwartz, you better step it up next week!

So Serena was a drunkard and Blair was the supportive best friend. Serena definitely had no right to sleep with Nate. Blair had been nothing but sweet to her. Serena isn't a very convincing drunk either. I found myself laughing at her ambling around the city. This so made me want to switch over to Team Blair.

The Van Der Woodsens are my favorite family (with the exception of Eric, but I'm glad he's back and with sort of brown hair too!). Lilly is just the most adorable mom trying to salvage Thanksgiving with Chinese food. Now I don't celebrate Thanksgiving, but Chinese food sounds great all year round. I love Eric's line when he says, "Yes, so we can starve in a fragrant hotel room." Glad to have you back.

Blair's family is the picture of perfection. Her dad is the sweetest most loving dad ever (sorry Rufus). She's obviously having problems with her mom but at least the Waldorfs all look happy. Something you can't say in the present. And drunk Serena is once again her obnoxious self. I love how Blair's dad is so cool with Serena's obvious state of inebriation. Gotta love her cool gay dad.

Once again we see just how miserable Nate's life is. Seriously, this guy gets the worst end of every deal. This is his Thanksgiving dinner? How sad. Both his parents are screwed up? How sad. Chase and Carrie Underwood are no longer together? Not bad! But really we see just how messed up Nate's life is. Thus, sort of redeeming his character for me. You can't blame the kid for being as blah as bond paper. His family is screwed up.

Does anyone else hate Alison as much as I do??? I don't care if she's trying to mend her ways or regretting all the crap she's done, because I still don't like her. Lilly on the other hand, I love to bits. Thus, Lilly: 1, Alison: -1000000! Seriously, this woman is driving me insane. Get out of their lives and out of the show!!! I dont' like you at all!!!

Not like we didn't know. Blair's got bulimia (or so I think). I love how she ate the entire pie of daddy dearest! It got me hungry. I wish they would have showed her chowing down the entire thing. Still, I feel bad for Blair. I hope Chuck can heal her broken soul.

Jenny: I didn't know there were little ranches
Alison: There aren't.

Bitch, you better watch your mouth!
Dan: Um... raise your hand if you're over 30 and acting really weird right now.
Oh Dan, way to state the obvious. Seriously, this family dinner was obviously a disaster to begin with, so it was nice to see it go roughly. I wish it would have been a bigger blowout though. But hey, they're all mature adults, I guess they were cool about it all.

Serena: I don't want a bath
Nate: Too bad, Blair's direct orders.
Serena: Blair's not the boss of me.
Nate: Oh are you new here? Cause Blair's the boss of all of us.

Hello start of something new. These people are the devils. Nate and Serena must burn in hell!!! How could they do this behind Blair's back? And don't give me the they-love-each-other line, because cheating is cheating. Shower + Serena + Dan = EVIL! Thank goodness Blair walked in. Because this would have been a mess already.

Nate's dad is a shithead. Nate's dad needs to get some ball so that his son has a good figure to follow. Cheesy lines ensue between father and son, but hey I guess all the kids are sort of resolving their issues with their parents. So I guess it was but fitting that things get fixed with Nate's dad. Something tells me that this drama isn't over yet though.

And because I refuse to end with the Humphrey's little football game, I'll end with Blair and Nate in really better times. I love how Blair is not uptight here at all. Not anal. Just go with the flow, almost Serena like, but with poise and breeding. I love the easiness of their relationship and how Nate casually goes, "good night sweetheart." and actually means it. Oh the good old days.

And yet another episode down. Thanks to the non-moving writer's strike, we have two episodes or so left of this wonderful series. Hopefully next week's cotillion proves to be much more interesting and basing it on previews alone, I'm pretty damn excited. Actually, since Chuck is back, things will definitely be better.
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