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Still Our Baby

Joobie's not 11 anymore Penguin aficionado!
 Always willing to help
 Over-imaginative mind
 Last to finish dinner
 Available to cook dinner

 Freaking talented piano player
 Really amazing baker/chef
 Artistic/creative mind
 Never behind in Pinoy gossip
 Constantly updates me with Marimar
 Eager to beat me at everything
 Sponge Bob Square Pants devotee
 Cutest 12 year old ever
 Awesome hugger

 Loves to Wii
 Accounts her communions
 Zzz deprived
 Accomplishes rubics cube type games
 Threatened by tickling
 Interested in animals and Koreans
 Never going to stop being our baby

 To the oldest 12 year old around...
 Happy Happy Happy Birthday Paola!
 You're still my favorite little sister ever
 Love you lots

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