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Voice Post: Nearly The End of November

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“So i finally get to make a voice post after forever. I usually make it in the middle of the month but since the midle of the month has been so crazy and I have been so busy with school. Yes, only two weeks into school, or three weeks into school and there's already so much to do. It doesn't help that Pb's around. Because when PB's back, it's like I'm on summer mode ANd i can't do summer mode if i'm swamped with schoolwork. My schedule isn't so bad on paper, as I go to school 4 days a week. but its bad in practice because i have whole day classes. I realy can't't wait for December break because Christmas is something I'm really looking forward to, more than ever. But stil, I can't believe it's Christmas already because it seems like just yesterday that we were climbing up flights of stairs in my uncle's condominium for New Years and now it's Christmas again. Oh well, time flies really fast. which reminds me, I've got work to do and I'm nowhere near done.”

Transcribed by: woodycakes
Tags: college junior, voice post
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