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You... and You

Because this show gets cuter and cuter by the week, I don't understand how this could possibly top this last episode. The usual formula for Pushing Daisies includes the mystery to be solved and the usual wise cracks of Emerson; the longing of Olive; the sweetness of Chuck and Ned's hotness.

But my favorite parts are the scenes with Ned-Chuck and the times they try to express how they really feel for one another without any physical contact. It makes me melt each and every time. This week, we had it at the end of the episode. I just died.

Narrator: The mere sight of each other left the Pie Maker and the girl named Chuck feeling exactly like they wanted to feel: safe and warm and loved.

Ned just kills me with the things he does for Chuck. I want my very own Pie Maker! Except of course, minus the no-touching part. Because apparently, not only am I Miss Affirmation, I wouldn't mind some Personal Touch too. Lovely.
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