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Un-Blue Christmas

Santa Clause came early this year. In fact, he came an entire month early.

After my half day class, I go home and see that I have received a package in the mail. I don't think I was particularly nice this year, nor was I naughty, but I don't usually get mail so this was a nice surprise.

Getting mail is nice. Getting gifts is even better! But the best part was that I wasn't expecting this at all! Surprise gifts are obviously teh best!

Thank you Yam outof_focus
You really are my Santa this year.

HOLY CRAP! It's Elliott's Christmas Album!!! Yam is just the sweetest girl ever! I didn't even know she was going to send me one. *Insert Patty's Giddy Dancing and Jumping*

I literally drop to the floor when I get the package. Here it is, in all it's Air 21 glory! My hands were trembling opening up the sealed envelope!

This is just all kinds of awesome. At first it didn't want to play. I guess our players just can't take original CDs anymore. But it did after one go! Whew!

Elliot's wonderful voice + Christmas = ♥

Thank you! Salamat! Gracias! Danke! Merci! Mahalo! Arigato! Kamsa hamaida! Obrigada! Thanks so much Yam! I am so grateful and happy and giddy! You definitely made my week!
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