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Don't Be

And our favorite Buy More Nerd strikes again. This week it's Chuck Versus the Imported Hard Salami and based on the promos for this week's episode (hello spoilers), it surely was something to look forward to.

Of course, the fact that Rachel Bilson (as Chuck's now girlfriend, Lou) was again in this episode only meant added awesome-ness to this already fabulous show. Still, I knew things couldn't be all happy happy in this episode, so I was already preparing myself for the eventual heartbreak.

Chuck: Lou, you are everything that I'm looking for. I just can't look right now.
Lou: Well thank you for being honest.
Chuck: I'm really going to miss the Chuck Bartowski
Lou: So am i
Chuck: Hey lou, I'm sorry
Lou: Don't be. Secret agent or not, that was the best kiss I've had in a long time.

Whenever Chuck and Lou are together I just get all warm and fuzzy on the inside. I feel genuinely happy for Chuck because I felt like this was his only chance at an honest romance. And yet, it's funny now that he finally gets some honesty, it's his turn to turn to lies and deceit. Oh Chuck, I guess romance isn't in the cards for you. Or at least not with Lou... yet.

Sarah: Well the good news is we're alive. The bad news is that this is kind of an uncomfortable moment right now.
Chuck: It's completely comfortable on my end. Just saying.

But then this happens and I'm just blown out of the water! Hello aggressiveness. I guess at the brink of death, Sarah didn't want to leave this life with regrets. I love how she just grabbed Chuck and held onto him. Chuck, (so not a nerd here) was also taking his chance to finally kiss the girl of his dreams -- thinking he'll be dead any second, of course.

And lovely, they're alive! But so is Bryce. Damn it! Why do they have to resurrect him now? What will be of Chuck-Sarah? Obviously they're planting all these little conflicts, and that's good for the show. But honestly, all I wanna see is Sarah and Chuck happily ever after. Chuck and Sarah having babies together -- little nerd herders and little Weiner girls. Chuck and Sarah frolicking through the beach. I'm so not a script writer.

This episode was so fab, Sam and I were gushing when we saw each other in the CMC lobby. People were giving us blank stares, but we obviously didn't care. Chuck better get picked up for an entire season, because this needs to go on! NBC! Are you listening?
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