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This can't be right. My calendar says I haven't updated in 3 days! Yes, normal to others, but for someone who prides themselves in being able to update almost everyday, I am so disappointed in myself. Obviously, there is only one culprit

Last semester's 21 units seems like nothing compared to this semester's serving of 21 units of love love. There's literally no space for breathing.

BC 111: Advanced Radio Production So our professor himself warned us that this was going to be like our only class this semester. Wonderful. We're supposed to come up with podcasts by the end of the semester. Interesting for sure, but apparently, really long hours too. This prof offered to give us an 1.0 at the start of the sem and we didn't have to do any work. Believe me, I almost bit it The work will be killer, but the experience fab.

BC 124: TV Performance I'm under TV actress, Prof. Malou De Guzman so this should be interesting. I have to admit, I'm no actress. I may be loud, but in front of the camera, I clam up. Big problem. Still, I'm excited to learn from her. She's not an actress for nothing. I'm with Sophie though when she says that she's most excited for our if-ever field trip. Hello TV set!

BC 122: Advance TV Production This apparently should never be taken with BC 111. Hello big mistake. Thing is, our professor warned us beforehand that we'd all be considered INC(omplete) till the end of May, because our finals wouldn't be done till the end of May. Lovely. The work preparing for it has already begun and I'm seriously way in over my head. Also, we're only 8 in class. I wonder why it wasn't dissolved.

BC 123: TV Script Writing I'm under the same prof I had in BC 101 so I was a little scared. But apparently, she's totally different in her production and lecture classes. Good for me. What I liked though, was my professor in BC 103 (radio) looked for me in her BC 123 class (which I didn't get into due to the large demand). She even offered me the last slot! So sweet! Alas, it's in conflict with my schedule. I find her really sweet for offering though.

BC 185: Broadcast Media Studies I'm not even sure what this class is about, but apparently based on the syllabus, it's like Comm Res 101 all over again. what? No!!!! But hey, this time around, our professor isn't as particular as our Comm Res prof. I'm glad I'm classmates with Anna though because apparently, this is a pre-thesis subject. Not that I'm looking forward to thesis already. But there.

Comm Res 125: Computer Applications to Research My one and only CMC elective goes to a Comm Res subject? Say it isn't so! I've gotten addicted to Saturday classes, I couldn't resist. NOT. Well, the likelihood CRS would give it to me was larger so I took it. Still, it seems interesting. They'll "teach" us Photoshop, so I'm not going to complain. I hope this doesn't take too much brain power.

Comm 141: Mass Media and Society I refuse to call it Comm 140, cause I already took that, but whatever. I'm just glad I got in after much begging and pleading. I begged to the wrong prof. This guy gives a lot of work. Still, Saturday class is love now, so I'm not going ot complain. What I will complain about (other than his excessive work) is the "permanent" seating arrangement! Who freaking knew?!?! That stinks.

And what sucks is Marian, Ruth and Sandy are all classmates in classes together except for me!!! No! Why am I alone? And Sophie! From having 4 classes together, we're down to 1 class together. This is NOT right. How am I going to survive this semester?

So added to this, I have an org (with added responsibilities) and oh yes a life outside school! And supposedly, this is enough work to keep so freaking occupied, I won't have time to sulk and get all emo right? NOT. Because apparently, there is ALWAYS time to create drama in your life. Hello second semester. Wake me up when May 31 is over. Oh wait, that would make me a senior.

Can I please press PAUSE please?
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