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Gossip Girl 01x08: Seventeen Candles

This week's episode of Gossip Girl made me feel three things. 1. Surprise: Oh yes, these kids are only 16 year olds turning 17. Hello underage drinking. 2. Wonder: Compared to them, I have the emotional maturity of a seven year old. 3. Amazement: Damn they look great in everything.

Nevertheless, this week's episode showcased the aftermath of Blair's indiscretion with Chuck and all of this is unfolding on the eve of her 17th birthday party! Of course, there's the Rufus-Alison drama, of which I have no interest. But whatever, Rufus is still hot.

It's funny cause they just described Blair as a WASP (White-Anglo Saxon Protestant) and then we find her in a Catholic church asking for forgiveness or whatever it is she needs from a priest. I know that she's regretting it right now, but Blair, it's okay. Chuck has way more character than Nate. Don't be ashamed!

Vanessa is like God. She's freaking omnipresent! Hello Vanessa! Do you have no other life? Or are you just there to interrupt Dan-Serena?! Poor Serena, she can't even make out with her boyfriend in private public without being interrupted. I guess the bottom line is, get a room people!

THAT is Alison? Whatever. I am so on Team Lilly. This woman walked out on Rufus and the kids and we're supposed to want her back? I think not. She's not even pretty! I have to say she does look a little bit like Jenny, but dude, Lilly all the way. This woman is so not fitting in.

WEIRD PARENT ALERT: I really feel terrible for Nate. NO wonder he's so messed up. His mother is selling his hand off to marriage just to save her husband's business. Priorities, folks! Priorities! I guess Nate's happiness really isn't on the menu.

Talk about gatecrashing. Vanessa just invited herself to Blair's party. This girl has balls. Still, I wouldn't gatecrash anyone's party, no matter how "close" i was to someone invited. I would at least wait for Dan to invite me. Oh well, they are "best friends."

KILL THE INNER BUTTERFLIES! These two are meant to be! Chuck is so in love with her, I can't stand it! Everytime I see them together, I just die inside.
Chuck: You ready for your present? {Blair hits him} Ow, if you wanted to play rough, all you had to do was ask.
Blair: You sound like a jealous boyfriend.
Chuck: Yeah right, You wish.
Blair: Uh! No, you wish. Do you, like me?
Chuck: Define like?
Blair: You've got to be kidding. I do not believe this.
Chuck: How do you think I feel? I haven't slept. I feel sick like there's something in my stomach. Fluttering.
Blair: Butterflies? Those butterflies have got to be murdered.

Nate and Jenny? Do I sense a new ship coming around? What happened to Eric Van Der Woodsen? Not that I miss him much, but he was a good pairing for Jenny. Nate is a little boring, but hey, still hot. So I guess I understand how Jenny is feeling. Pretty gutsy of her to go for a walk with Nate though -- especially with Blair's minions everywhere.

THE MOST uncomfortable scene in the history of Gossip Girl. Seriously, Serena and Vanessa on Guitar hero, complete with orgasmic faces is just not something I want to watch. Not for 30 seconds, and definitely not for 3 minutes of excruciating pain. Why did Josh Schwartz have to stretch it for that long? Serena's cool quotient went down like a hundred points. Not a good thing.

I feel bad for Blair. This is her birthday after all and yet things are going so terrible for her. Nate is being an ass/fickle. Chuck is being persistent/in love. Serena is trying to be selfless/there for her -- and it ain't working. And just in general life is teh suck for her. Poor Blair. Still, she looks wonderful.

Gossip Girl is one harsh bitch. Sending Blair a nice birthday message just to mess her up even more. Gotta love it. Beside Blair, Serena kind of looks like trash. I guess it was her way of not trying to upstage the birthday girl. Blair, on the other hand, looks fabulous, even while crying. Wow, this woman is just beautiful.

Despite his over-all boring-ness, I'm glad Nate stood up for himself. His dad is a grade A asshole, so he totally deserved that. I'm hoping Nate gets disowned, but I highly doubt that. Is Capt. Archibald the Jimmy Cooper? But I can't imagine Nate going broke. So this is something interesting to look forward to in this very uninteresting family.

Do you see how how Blair's face lights up when she sees diamonds!? Then again, I would so flip if I received diamonds for my birthday too. But the fact that Chuck bought it for her just makes my heart melt.

However, I do hope that Blair likes Chuck too. Because I would feel terrible for Chuck (who on the season premiere, almost raped two of the lead characters) because I wouldn't want Blair hooking up with him just for revenge. Despite his sleazy nature, I do believe he deserves someone who truly wants him. Oh well. They look mighty fine together.

I'm so excited for next week and the weeks to come. Next week's episode involves a flashback to last year's Thanksgiving, so this should be interesting and the week after that is the cotillion, so things are definitely getting more interesting. Gossip Girl has 5 episodes to go, but I'm hoping that the Nov. 26 negotiations follow through because I really do want to watch an entire 22 episode season.
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