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You Will, You Won't

My schedule this semester sucks. Sure, I get two weekdays off, but I end up using it for nonsense. I end up downloading music, watching Gossip Girl, surfing the net and NOT doing my school work. This is not a good sign. Even if I live 9 minutes away from school, I get so lazy to go there when there are no classes.

I'm such a homebody, it takes a lot for me to go out of the house and to school if only to get readings or whatever. This is not a good sign to the start of the second semester. Speaking of signs. I read my horoscope today and well, now that's a sign I wouldn't mind following at all.

In Detail: Continued effort is required if you expect to get the attention you deserve from a certain person. You may feel like you are already putting yourself far enough out there on that limb, but bolder action may be necessary. Shake those branches! While you're at it, try jumping up and down and calling their name. Then make a banner and hang it out of your window. This is not the time for subtle acts. If you want to make an impression, you need to swallow some pride. -- taken from Friendster Horoscope

Okay. Bolder action. No time for subtle acts. Swallow pride. Let's go second semester.
Tags: college junior, horoscope, un-google-able man
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