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Gossip Girl 01x07: Victor, Victrola

So after a week without Gossip Girl, the show comes back with a bang! In a nutshell, things are about to go crazy. Nate and Blair have some relationship issues to resolve. Nate's dad has his own crap to deal with too. On the other hand, Serena and Dan decide to bring their relationship to a new level.

Then there's Chuck who's trying to get his father's approval by investing in a strip joint burlesque club while Jenny, Rufus, Lily and Vanessa are rarely seen. Only in the upper East side, folks.

The look of love. Seriously, these two are obviously so meant to be. Look at the way he sleazily looks at her. Nate doesn't have half the personality of Chuck. Or half of Chuck's wit. Seriously, I hope Blair wakes up and sees beyond the pretty boy exterior because Chuck's got the stuff to make for an interesting relationship.

Can these two get any more horny? I love how they're just so open about expressing their love lust for each other. I mean, come on. Dan was the shy guy, and now he's macking it in the school courtyard. I love it! Talk about character development! In only seven episodes. But it's obvious that Serena's the more "experienced" of the two. I love an aggressive girl.

How adorable is Jenny here? She's obviously awestruck with Nate's gesture (albeit sneaky). It sucks that he had to give the chocolates to Blair. A Nate-Jenny pairing wouldn't be so bad! I think he'd be great for her because she doesn't expect so much from a boy. I love how nonchalant Nate is about the kiss too. As if he really isn't in love with Serena. But really, Blair must dump his ass. She deserves better.

Lilly got some game. Bart Bass and Rufus Humphrey on the side. But really, I would choose Rufus obviously. But as Lilly goes for the richer of the two, she's "madly in love" with Bart -- for now. Bart's not even hot. But hey, he's got the moolah. And obviously Chuck got some ideas from what he'd seen. Better watch out Lilly.

Was this the only Kati and Isabel scene in the entire episode? Dan is such a cutie, thinking of how inexperienced he is as compared to Serena. I love the scorecards and the "fuzzier" feel to it. In fact, anything with Dan and Serena is just love. And Dan overworrying makes him all the more adorable.

But hello inexperience! Looks like Dan isn't so bad after all! I love it that he was the one who wanted to make things "darker" in his oh so bright room. He even asked for a clapper. What a cutie. I'm seriously annoyed with Vanessa though. Way to butt in. She really should stay out of his life, and his room. At least knock first. And why was she just standing there when she clearly saw them getting busy. Obviously someone is jealous. But hello aggressive/horny Serena! Woman on top, alright.

Dan's watching PORN art films for inspiration! How adorable. But really, Vanessa is just shamelessly throwing herself at him. And the best part is, because of their history, Dan has no choice but to let her comments slide. Like when Vanessa says, "If it were me... with you..." Hello hinting/fishing! I mean, I feel bad for her, but dude, obviously this isn't going to happen for you right now. Don't spoil it for the kid.

Blair is one bitch you don't want to cross. Not even little Jenny can stand up to her. Still, I'm glad Jenny was honest. Nate's lying to her, so at least Jenny had the balls to tell the truth. I love how Blair switches from happy to bitchy in a flick. "You're dismissed, Jenny. For good." Take that, eager beaver!

Dan's daydreams are the best! The hair grab, the leg wrap and the open shirt. Nate's got more character here than he ever had in the entire show. So cute. And he's looking at sensual massages. That one just killed me. I love how Rufus is the Sandy Cohen (cool dad/hot dad). And Dan is the worst liar! He can't even smooth talk his father. I wish they showed more Rufus though. I can't complain though.

Hello dysfunctional couple. Nate's mom is a whacko! Blair's mom is a whacko! But Nate's dad is the HUGEST idiot of all. I love how awkward things were as they force Blair to wear the gorgeous ring. Their expressions say it all. Things are about to get ugly and really quickly too. Still, you can't deny what a beautiful couple they make. Just not the most compatible ones.

And Capt. Archibald gets slammed! Seriously, the police are right on time. Lesson learned. Never throw a punch at your own son if you've got a stash of drugs in your pockets. Nate was trying to do the right thing obviously, by turning his dad in, but at this point, I really don't care. I'm just glad this entire drug thing is over. Because I'm not sold on it.

So this is the BIG BREAKUP. It seemed more dramatic in the previews, but I have to admit I feel bad for Blair. She's "loved" Nate since kindergarten (or so we heard), so this must be a terrible moment for her. She handled it really well too. She could have gone all hysterical, but she didn't. I think this is because she saw it coming already. Move on, my dear Blair. You deserve way better.

Chuck's expression says it all. I'm loving that Blair just got up there and showed that "you can't keep a bad girl down." She's not even naked and yet she's looking white hot in the slip of hers. Where did she learn to strip? I was half expecting the Pussycat Dolls to make a cameo, but I guess Josh isn't a fan of the band. Now that's sexy! This is a new era for Blair Waldorf. I loved how Chuck raised his glass to her.

THE ONLY Rufus-Lilly scene of the day and it's the most wholesome thing from the entire episode. Little do they know that they're children are about to get it on under their noses. I love how Lilly teases Rufus by saying, "still going to do anything to get a girl on her back." They've obviously had some wild times together. I'm still torn as to whether I want them together or their children. What a choice!

Of course they're not going to DO IT yet. It's only the 7th episode. They're probably reserving the big deed for later on. But with the WGA strike going on, I don't know how near the end of the season is going to be. Still, I doubt Dan and Serena could stop themselves as they were that near to the act. But I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. After all, Serena's trying to change her ways. Still, I so wouldn't mind being Serena at that moment. Look at Dan's chest and his arms!!! And he's the "geek" in this series!?!


Seriously, these two are just so meant to be. I know they're going to regret this in the next episode, but I'm just glad they got the sexual tension out of the way. Who knew Chuck was such a "gentleman" asking Blair if she was sure about it before going on. Sure, Blair's pissed drunk and isn't in the right mind, but I'm sure she knew it was Chuck she was with. This is so going to make things more interesting. And somehow, no matter how many kissing scenes this entire series has had, this just trumps them all. Move over, Dan-Serena. There's a NEW hotter couple in town.

What happens now?!? Nate's dad is in deeper shit than he thought he was in. Serena-Dan are 'more in love' than ever. There's got to be some trouble in paradise right? Is this where Vanessa comes in? And what about Jenny? or Rufus or Lilly? But really, the burning question is, what happens now to Blair and Chuck? I'm also more in love than ever with show. She knows I love her. XoXo, Gossip Girl.
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