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Friday Freaking Five

1. I didn't sleep
This break, my body clock has been so messed up, it's crazy. I usually go to bed at around 2am and wake up at around 2pm. It's been working fine for me. But last night this morning, I was trying to sleep and I couldn't. I just couldn't. I tried all the techniques I usually do: I listened to sad songs, I just lay still in bed, I tried relaxing, nothing was working. Before I knew it, it was already 6am and I still didn't get a wink of sleep in.

2. McDonald's No longer serves the Chicken Supreme Rice Burger
And I thought it was already a staple on the menu. There was a time when I lived on rice burgers. How could they remove it? Was it not getting enough orders??? I was just shocked to hear this when we were going to take out dinner and I was set on eating a chicken supreme and alas, it's being "phased out." I had to settle for a McChicken sandwich. But believe me, nothing can replace the rice burger. Boo McDo!

3. I can't remove my contact lens
So this is my fault for being so vain. I actually bought contacts. I only wear them when I'm feeling extra patient to poke around at my eye before going out. Thank goodness for eyeglasses, because I can't do this everyday. Before, the problem was getting them on. Now that I got that down, I have a terrible time taking them off. Tonight, it took me more than an hour to get them off. I had to take breaks in between, because my eyes were tearing up from all the poking. Thank goodness after the millionth try, I finally got it off. I'm so not wearing them in a long time.

4. Erap Gets Pardoned.
So this isn't surprising. I guess I just find it unfair that after all these years of trial at the Sandiganabayan, and Erap saying he didn't want he pardon, then saying he demanded it, then taking it back, I'm just so disappointed. The country really is going to the dogs.

5. My Journ 101 Grade
I'm not even one to complain about grades because I know that I just deserve what I get. But this time, I'm pissed because first off, I'm not a Journ major (silly excuse), but I'm doing fine in all my other subjects and then this grade comes up and just totally brings me down (literally and figuratively).

What's worse is, I never knew how I was doing in this class because she never returned any of our papers. Up until the final exam, I never knew my standing. I knew I wasn't doing excellent, but I didn't think I was doing terribly either. I so look up to the Journ students, because apparently, I can't write for shit. And yet another reason to not like Journ 101.
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