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True That

Why do horoscopes have to be eerily right on some days?

Though I may appreciate the sembreak for the lack of academic things to think about or the sheer laziness I am experiencing, what I don't like about the semestral break, is how it gives me time to think. Think about silly/emo things that I wouldn't even give the time of day to if I were uber busy with school. Riiight.

Okay, so who am I really fooling?

The Bottom Line: Slowly but surely, you are learning how love can come in many different varieties.
In Detail: You are learning how love can come in many different varieties... and while this is very exciting, it can also be very confusing. Just remember to take things very slowly in any new relationships, and do not make too many assumptions about your growing feelings for someone. Let them just be what they are, and do not try to pigeonhole them into a certain category. Not everything has to have a name. Part of the magic of building something together is making it new and unique to the two of you. -- taken from My Friendster Horoscope
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