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Turning Japanese

Because anything the Japanese make is just too cute/adorable (i.e. Hello Kitty, Kerokeropi and all things Sanrio -- need I say more?), I wasn't surprised to see that they've come up with something adorable, yet weird at the same time.

Say hello to the Funwari Milk-chan: Breast-shaped plushies. Yes, you read right. They're like stuffed toys boobs. Leave it to the Japanese to make something usually sexual, into something cute and adorable.

Apparently, these stuffed boobs have a story to them. Not just a few lines of what they're made of, but an entire history. They weren't just born out of nowhere. There's a story to all of this, so sit up and read.

These mildly naughty plushies are modeled after the palm-sized inhabitants of Milk Village, a quiet southern hamlet the size of Tokyo Dome.

The inhabitants of Milk Village speak the Milk language, a tongue understood by all living creatures. While the size of the population is unknown, we do know that the milk-chans tend to live together as couples and raise families in milk houses, where they enjoy a variety of TV shows, including those produced by humans. Milk Village is built on forested land created long ago by an ancient volcanic eruption of Mt. Milk. The mountain is regarded as the symbol of the village.

Milk Village also enjoys four distinct seasons. In spring, everyone likes to eat dango (skewered rice dumplings) and gaze at cherry blossoms. In summer, they enjoy the beach. In autumn, they eat dango and gaze at the moon. In winter, it is customary to hole up with family in snow caves and eat mochi rice cake. -- taken from PinkTentacle

But wait, there's more. These little boob things don't just come in batches, they each have a personality. A unique characteristic only found in each of them. In fact, they have names too! Beat that! These babies aren't cheap either. One plush boob goes for $9 (Php 396.43).

Each character has a distinct personality and background. Funwari Milk-chan (pictured below, center) is easygoing. Despite her dream of growing large, she remains small. She loves collagen, and napping is her favorite pastime. Can Milk-san (top left) is a celebrity entertainer, always aglitter. She has an American boyfriend and loves going to beauty salons. Ganguro Milk-chan (bottom left), despite being a gyaru with a pierced nipple, is mature and level-headed. She spends all her time practicing para-para dance, and she enjoys purikura. Peach Milk-chan (top right), a spider-hating fashionista who is scary when angry, is well-informed and into anything lowbrow. Milko-chan (bottom right) is still a baby — but a genius. She loves to invent things, and her pacifier apparently holds the secret to her smarts. -- taken from PinkTentacle

Now why do I want to shell out money for one of these cute things? Seriously, there is so no use for it, but I'm strangely drawn to these plush breast shaped toys. Taken out of context, that sentence sounds all wrong, but really, these are too hard to resist.
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