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Don't Go Breaking My Heart

So Jake manages to break my heart into four pieces with just a few pictures. So there have been lots of speculation about his relationship with Reese Witherspoon. And though I've been preparing myself for this eventual day, I didn't want to believe it until I actually saw the proof. Well, here it is.

Obviously, Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon are outing themselves. So they're together. Watch Patty die of jealousy.

Jake and Reese in Rome together? Of all the places to go to, they decide to out themselves in romantic Italy? Did they not think there was any paparazzi there? Or was the is a specific ploy to deflect the news from how their movie, Rendition, didn't exactly do well in the box office?

So Jake apparently gnaws on toothpicks after a meal. I don't really have a comment to that. I'm much too focused on the fact that he and Reese are openly holding hands in public. Nice back shot too. Still, why do I feel like there is no love between these two? Or am I just deluding myself once more.

But really, is Reese not disturbed that Jake is picking his teeth in public? Who knows what hand he used to pick his tooth and what hand he used to hug her? Of course, if I were in her position, I wouldn't care either. But really, Reese, let go of him and just give him to me! Please?

Photos taken from the The Daily Mail

By the way, is it just me or is that a belly I see underneath Jake's shirt. I forgive him, after all he's just had some lunch. But please let this be a publicity ploy. Please?

EDIT: apparently, it's being called a Faux-mance. I'm all for this faux-mance then, as long as it doesn't become an actual romance. Rawr.
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