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Voice Post: Lazy Monday

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“I'm finally on sembreak and I'm really happy because I'm finally free of all academic responsibilities. I'm not thinking of anything intellectual. The only thing I'm thinking of right now is what episodes of the shows I watch, that I have to download. Other than Gossip Girl, I'm addicted to Chuck, starring Zachary Levi as the cutest geek turned CIA/NSA agent; and also Pushing Daisies starring Lee Pace as the gifted, bringer back of the dead person. It's just that these shows are so cute with, you know, these non-cool guys as the leads.

Anyway, sembreak is so fun. I sleep in late in the mornings and I don't have to go to school or think of academic shit. I'm just really lazy -- waking up, eating, watching TV, sleeping, breathing, sleeping and not thinking. I know people who just can't stay still at home. I, can stay here all sembreak long. Although actually, sembreak isn't long as I'll be back in school in a few weeks. I'm cherishing every moment. Sembreak is so love.”

Transcribed by: woodycakes

Wow BC 102 had no effect on me whatsoever. The automatic transcription got nothing right. My inflection, enunciation and diction must be terrible. I hope my prof never sees this.
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