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Gossip Girl 01x05: Daredevil

And yet another week of Gossip Girl for me. Seriously, this show is getting way addicting and why not? This week, we get a taste of Blair's annual slumber party soiree and a lot of Dan-Serena Loving/Rufus-Lily flirting.

So there wasn't any Nate-Chuck (my other favorite pair) in this one, but it's alright, I know they're going to make up for this next week with lots of half-naked Nate. Or so I wish. What a way to start my short lived semestral break.

Oh no! It's the annual soiree at Blair's and Serena's got a date with Dan? What's a girl to do??? Obviously, Serena's got her mind up already and I would too! I would choose Dan over any soiree any day. I love how Jenny's always there to be an available replacement though. She looks so excited, it's priceless. The look on her face is just sheer joy.

T-shirt and Jeans kind of guy? Not tonight. Dan seems to have pulled out all the stops and I love how Dan is always in close proximity as Serena when she's changing clothes. Remember last episode? Her silhouette behind the divider. Today, she changes with the doors open. Hello voyeur!!!

How cute of Serena to be so excited over the Vespa, when Dan is trying to impress her with the town car. Wrong move number 1 boy. Lots more to come. Serena is obviously expecting something totally different from Dan and the poor clueless boy is giving her the wrong thing.

Jenny is way in over her head! I love her cute Hello Kitty sleeping bag though and fluffy slippers. I haven't been to too many sleepovers but I doubt regular sleep overs are this swanky. Obviously a newbie to Blair's world. I'd be in awe though if I were invited too. My jaw would drop to the ground too. And I wouldn't be acting this cool.

Do you have enough money, Dan!?!? That's the first thing that came to mind when I saw them eating here. I had this strong feeling Serena would be paying for dinner and I was right. Oh Dan, can't you see that this is not what she wants. But I guess this is what makes for good television.

Too Beyonce. Too Olsen Twins. Blair's comments are for the win! I'm loving how they all have racks of clothes at their disposal. I don't think I've ever had that many clothes (hot couture at that) all for my dressing pleasure. Again, I want to be invited to this party.

But Blair is obviously crazy kooky. I'm loving her game of truth or dare -- raise the stakes style. Break Eric out of his clinic? Only Blair would think of that. But really, she's so funny here telling the nurse about her problems. It would have been more fun if they actually took her in. I felt like she got out of this way too easily. Still, I know that it's not the focus of the show. So fine.

Dan is good at billiards too??? So he's trying to be the real Dan around Serena now. The book Dan would take her to some poetry reading session. I'm so glad they didn't pattern Dan after book Dan because he wouldn't be as cool as he is on the show. So hot Dan! So hot! You and the pool stick belong.

Lilly in lingerie, talking to Rufus. Oh the mental images forming in my head. Seriously, these two need their own spin off so they can get it on!!! It's so cute how Rufus refuses to help her, but when he puts down the phone, he's all over it. Stop being so mean Rufus!!!

Did I mention how much I don't like Eric? Look at how shitty he looks here? I feel like he's an uglier Aaron Carter. Please find another love interest for Jenny because she deserves so much better. Way better than Eric. There should be more guys on this show.

Hello Billiards! Now this is the kind of action I want from this show. "Teach me tonight" is playing in my head and I'm just dying. Hey Dan! I suck at billiards too, care to teach me? Seriously, I would just die if he were that near me. I'm surprised Serena hadn't pulled him in for a kiss yet.

Oh wait, I take it back! This girl is obviously hot for Dan! And Dan is taking the bait. So why not get a kiss in the middle of the show? I guess they're building it up for later. The billiards joint ain't romantic, but somehow with Dan and Serena, anything becomes romantic. STUPID PHONE!!! Why the hell is Rufus calling? Oh because of Eric. NOOOOO!!! Ruined a perfectly romantic moment.

SFX: High pitched fan girl scream Hello romance! Now this is how sexual tension should be! Pretending to hate each other, yet tolerating each other for the sake of your children is so hot! Cooking food together, reminiscing about the old days together and yet having no regrets about it is so hot. These two should get back together. If just for one episode, then they'll say it was a mistake, as long as I get some Rufus-Lilly action!!! So cute though, knowing each other's old habits, and having all this history. Patty just died in this sequence.

And back to the soiree, Blair's evil ways have come out. Seriously, I don't know what kind of test this is, but Jenny actually rides on. I feel terrible for her. She's so desperate for approval, she'll do anything! But then I remember this is just a TV show and somehow things will turn good for Jenny. But still, I feel bad for her. Blair is obviously a nutcase.

Hello ex-wife! Lilly answering the phone to hear Alison was such a back-to-reality scene. They were living in this let's-play-house moment and the reality that Rufus isn't over his ex yet snaps them back to the moment. Poor Lilly. Still, it's not like she's pining for Rufus, so safe. I love how she thanks him for being a good friend. I think it was her first genuine action towards Rufus and rightly so.

Jenny is still a Humphrey. This girl can think on her toes. I'm so glad the police were stupid and fell for her little ploy. Still, it proves that she's much more clever than anything Blair can hurl her way. I would be crying my ass off to the police, but Jenny stood up taking it all in. Go Jenny! Fight the system!

Hello prelude to a kiss. I can feel it. Deserted sidewalk, nice lights, sexy lead actor and hot actress. I can feel the fireworks about to set off. And then comes Serena with her hot come ons. "Maybe you would have kissed me already." Hello flirt! And she pulls it off effortlessly. If only I could bring out the inner Serena in me.

I'll give you all a few moments to rewind that scene over and over again to just take it all in. Seriously, I probably watched this about a hundred times. These people make me want to kiss someone!!! Preferably Dan of course, because this guy looks like he knows what he's doing. And Serena is one lucky girl!!!

I could just stare at these pictures all freaking day. I'm serious. Under occupation I would fill in: Dan-Serena fan. Okay, you have time to rewind and watch it again. I wonder how many takes this shot took? Because that smile on Serena's face just couldn't be faked. That's genuine after-kiss happiness. I'm just dying of jealousy here. Hello Dan! What about me???

I'm glad Jenny got out of the mess and stood up to Blair! Show her Jenny! Show her! Although her terms are kind of high, I guess they're justified. I can't imagine Jenny being a cool kid though.

What a fabulous way to end this episode. Because we need more Dan-Serena screen time. I'm afraid though because next week there might not be any Dan-Serena action due to this week's overload. Again, Patty is terribly jealous of Serena. Dan is obviously the hottest guy on this cast. Fully clothed, he can get me this hot and bothered. Move over, Nate Archibald. There's a new hottie in town. And he's stealing all the girls from under your nose.

This week's episode was fabulous for the reason that is Dan-Serena. I know they had to include a bit of the others in it, as a montage of all the sweet moments of Dan-Serena would not stand as an episode, but I so wouldn't mind that. Hello Youtube. I'm so craving some fan videos. Till next week, because you know I love me some Gossip Girl! Xoxo.
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