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Non-Academic, Non-Virtual Setting

While laboring for my BC 103 final script, I had the pleasure of struggling with Sophie and Caleb. For three straight days and nights, we would check up on each other and curse to the highest heavens asking ourselves when sembreak would finally come. Lo and behold, it's here.

So on our second day after surviving the dreaded script writing final, we planned on meeting up on a non-virtual (real life), non-academic (outside UP) setting. And since Caleb was uber excited to watch Stardust, we decided we'd catch the movie at Trinoma today.

I have to say that Stardust is a really good movie. I won't claim to be a Neil Gaiman fan because I know I'm not, but I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. It had the fantasy, epic journey feel to it without once making me feel bored.

I have to give props to Robert De Niro for being most entertaining non-lead character. And I'm very curious as to how Michelle Pfeifer still looks so young. And Charlie Cox, the oh so cute lead guy, please keep your hair long, it actually suits you.

Really fabulous movie, with lots of kilig moments. I was so noisy watching it as usual, but really, I couldn't help myself. For something I had was clueless about, it really hooked me and made me feel for all the characters -- even the evil ones.

But really, the lines were killer. Very cheesy, but somehow I didn't cringe. Of all the kilig scenes, I really liked this conversation between Claire Danes' character Yvaine (so I finally know how to spell it) and Tristan. I really love that name.
Yvaine: The little I know about love is that's unconditional. It's not something you can buy.
Tristan: Hang on! This wasn't about me trying to buy her love. This was to prove her how I felt.
Yvaine: Ah... And what's she doing to prove how she feels about you?
Tristan: Well...

dress me up!

Anyway, seeing as Caleb was outnumbered in terms of gender, he had the unfortunate task of following Sophie and I around as we window shopped in Trinoma. For someone who had to wait as two girls try on dress after dress, he was pretty patient -- or maybe he was too exhausted to complain.

Sophie and I tried on matching dresses and more. But the problem is, other than being broke, is that there's no place to wear them! I never get to go to anything remotely formal anymore, thus no reason to buy expensive dresses. How I wish I lived the life of a Gossip Girl! Every dress Sophie and I would see, we could tel which Gossip Girl character would wear it. I'm surprised Caleb didn't ditch us at this point.

escalator love

But really, it was just fun to hang out with Sophie and Caleb in a non-academic, non-virtual setting. Although our parents were calling and texting us during the movie (due to the unfortunate bombing at Glorietta), it was still nice to hang out even just for a while. For some reason, even if I talk to them everyday over chat, seeing them face to face still trumps it (yes, same findings for our comm res paper -- wait, no more school).

And because there isn't any school work to worry about, our conversations finally branched out to things other than "how is your script going" or "what are we supposed to do for production." Talking shifted too less cerebral matters and really, I'm not going to complain. Click Here for more camwhorage from the day!

day tripper

So yes, I won't be allowed out of the house for a few days, but I so wouldn't mind hanging out with these two again (hopefully in a non-academic, non-virtual setting). I had a ton of fun today and I really do hope I get to do a repeat of this, hopefully minus the bombing too.

I'll be praying for the families of all the victims of the Glorietta bombing.
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