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who I cannot google. who leaves me speechless. who makes me want to wake up early to blow dry my hair and think of what i have to wear. who helped me distinguished atras from abante. who made the weirdest fruit shake combinations. who made traffic jams bearable. who makes me want to hold on to clammy hands. who makes me think of cows. who defends old school emo. who gave me a neck sprain from my constantly turning around. who made refined sugars sweeter and pei pa koa cooler. who made me save the code of ethics. who made me look forward to trips to the summer capital. who made me keep text messages. who made me opt for unlimitxt80. who made me use smileys. who makes me over-analyze every little action. who depleted my tear ducts. who made me willing to make myself vulnerable. who made me want to matter. who made me like so much. who made me hopeful. who proved me wrong. who i have to let go...

who i don't want to let go.

Tags: un-google-able man
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