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On The Nose

At 8:30pm this evening, I finally finished my 1st semester of my junior year.

June truly feels like light years into the past. Who knew 139 days could go by just like that. Little did I know that the drama of enrollment was only a preview of the challenges this semester would bring.

And 21 units did not disappoint. In fact, it barely left time for me to breathe. Almost every subject that had its share of craziness.

BC 121: Hello TV Production! The subject I enjoyed most/hated most this semester. It tested my limits, showing me I was stronger than I thought I was. There were no tears shed in this class over grades or pressure. I'd like to believe this class made me a stronger person.

Psych 101: Psychology proved me wrong. This wasn't what I had originally planned on taking as my elective, but there are no regrets. It's nice to be out of CMC every Tuesday-Friday and the subject matter was so applicable to everyday life, I found myself blogging about it a lot. Psychology wins most interesting subject (matter).

BC 103: Scriptwriting has never been so tough. So we churn out radio scripts one after the other for BC 101 and BC 102 and tv scripts for BC 121, but never has scriptwriting been this difficult. This was the major I struggled in the most because of the "language barrier" as I am a self-confessed poor Filipino writer.

Still, our professor proved to be quite the teacher. I feel like I am a better writier reporter now. With every script that I wrote, terrible to terriblest, I knew that I could improve. And even if our professor told me I was a terrible writer, BUT a good reporter, I didn't take it personally this time. Something new to me.

Journ 101: Writing for radio vs. writing for print is apparently very very different. And the consensus is, I'm not very good at either. This isn't even a pity party thing. It's the honest truth. And I'm fine with it. At least I know that my strengths lie elsewhere. Who knew a police story actually had a format?

BC 102: The most rushed and crammed class award goes to Radio Performance. For months we did nothing but lecture, and then before we knew it, it was already October and we had to execute production after production all in the span of a second. Did I perform (so to speak)? I know I could have done better. But as our professor loves to tell us, you're improving. Our grades? Not really/

Comm Res 101: Number of BC Majors this semester: 3. Number of Comm Res subjects this semester: 1. So why did it feel like I was a Comm Res major? I have no idea. Unknowingly, I had gotten into the toughest comm res class ever. Deadlines upon deadlines and papers upon papers. I've never spent this much time in the library poring over theses.

I've never thought of plagiarism so much enough to cite friends when quoting them over chat. I've never thought of a professor so much enough to dream of her at night. I've never lived, breathed, drank, ate, became a subject. Thank you comm res for teaching me that life can actually revolve around JUST ONE THING.

Comm 120: Saturday classes are never fun. Saturday afternoon classes are deadly. Add that to the fact that we tackled mass media law, I didn't think this class would be anything but lots of studying. By the end of the semester though, I found myself really being quite fond of our professor.

Sir only came out of his lawyer shell in the last few weeks, discussing showbiz matters and his fondness for the SexBomb dancers. This class may have failed to inspire me to take up law, but one thing's for sure. I will NEVER forget New York Times. Vs. Sullivan. Never.

But more than subjects and 21 units, what really got me through this semester was the friendships I formed. After high school, I didn't think I could find friends as great as the ones I had for 14 years of my life. Thank goodness I was wrong.

RuthMarianSandy. I found myself getting addicted to them. There wasn't a day that passed that I wouldn't miss them or look for them. My home base in CMC, these girls got me through a semester of craziness. I cried, laughed, pigged out, and just went all out with these girls. They were the main reasons I was so excited to go to school each day. I never thought I'd get along this well with three other people. I can't wait to spend the last three semesters with them

My BC batchmates: For a girl who hates group works, I'm in the wrong course. This semester taught me to trust others. And I would definitely trust any of my productions in the hands of my batchmates. 45 of the most creative people I know, we've learned to work as a team, pulling through for one another, not letting each other down. From being the impromptu PA during productions to being an impromptu talent, these people make productions worth it. I'm biased. But I think we're one rocking batch.

Panx and Caleb: I never had guy friends before. There was always a hidden agenda in befriending boys in high school. With these guys, I feel like I don't have just three brothers at home. I have 2 more brothers in school. And even if I'm older than them, I feel so much younger due to the wise advice they always share. The ones who never fail to tell me like it is, because I always want to hear a guys point of view. Nothing beats feeling safe and protected either. Who needs bodyguards when I've got these two.

Sophie Mo: My newest favorite person. My BC soul sister. The girl I love to love. Having four subjects with her just makes things four times the fun. I can spend all day on the phone with her. I can spend all day chatting with her. I can spend all day doing nothing with her and it would be worthwhile. This girl is love.

I asked God to give me a reason not to take this latest rejection to heart. He didn't disappoint. I can't imagine not going through this semester -- for all it's ups and downs, trials and triumphs -- I have to say, it was pretty damn good.
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