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Last Thing On My Mind

I never thought I'd see the day when I could say that Comm Res 101 is over. Technically, I can't. Because for as long as I live, I will fear A g u i l a ' s Eyes (Canlas, 2007). Those eyes that can detect plagiarism from a mile away.

Of course, to my knowledge, we didn't plagiarize, so I shouldn't have anything to fear. But for some reason, there's this paranoia hanging over my head that she'll find something. I guess I have nothing to do but pray that our paper is fine.

Comm Res 101 Paper Part 1
Comm Res 101 Paper Part 2

Yes, I screen capped all 121 pages of our paper. I can't believe we even reached that number. I don't know how long the other group's papers are, but I'm just in awe at how long it actually is. I know that the length doesn't say much, but divided among us, that's like 24 pages each and sure it's double spaced, so that just makes it 12 pages. But 12 pages of research coming from research free body? That's a feat!

Love in the Time of SMS

Thanks a bunch-y (Ong, 2007) to my Comm Res 101 group, Dewey's Dawgs (Ana, Anna, Mimi, and Sophie)! I really wouldn't have made it out alive without you guys! I truly hope that this will somehow pay off when it comes to writing our thesis papers. I really hope this has some use. Curtsy (Mo, 2007)
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